>Good Wednesday Night

>I am on my way home after a fantastic day at the gym. Military press, decline bench and four sets of the two new ab exercises I just learned from Ed and Marc. I went hard right to the very end, and it feels great. I'm rather optimistic I'll shave my stomach off and make it to happidom. I'm going to throw these four sets every second day, so that abs get hit a lot (they recover a lot faster than other muscle groups).

There wasn't anything else really interesting at work today. I'm happy with where the government is topping off my hourly wage, but its not particularly challenging. I somewhat feel like I am becoming more bitter and disgruntled with the staff dynamics. It feels like I have these great moments with the kids, and then Sir Ass Fuck decides to do absolutely nothing or fuck up and than my mood goes to shit. I honestly wouldn't care so much (given that if they kept their current direction it would lead to unemployment) so much as the fact that it affects me.

It has come to the point where I'm not particularly excited about going to work anymore. I used to think that it was because I was bored (given my track record of changing jobs every year), but now I think lack of novelty is not the reason. Its lack of effort and intelligence/common sense/courtesy at work. There are choice staff that I enjoy working with, and choice staff that make me want to throw my head against sharp objects.

I suppose that I will always compare my work environment to that of my inner city job where it was carefree and immensely satisfying. I didn't have worries about other staff doing their jobs, or whether I was fulfilling the duties of my position. I was also being paid immensely lower, but I was immensely happier. I suppose one must pick up more slack when moving up the ladder. Its not like I was working a shit job though before. It was Just not an economically sustainable job.

I'm not actually that angry about life. I'm still at a euphoric high about the gym. I'm going to go back on protein shakes, after seeing little progress with my body. I'm really excited about this, as I've felt deeper burns and greater strengths, and augmenting protein in my diet like last year should lead to explosive results.

Its very dark right now. I suppose fall and winter approach, given how effing cold it is on the bus right now. I'm going to have to start taking sweaters to warm up on my night commutes (despite to beautifully warm weather during the day!) I'm really excited to not have hot hot sleepless nights, but am sad to see the onslaught of winter gear. Albeit a hot coffee, a pile of notes and a cold night outside (of Second Cup!) is right up my alley. Its so cold on the bus, I feel like a twat wearing a sleeveless and shorts.

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