>What was the saying? You hypocrite! Before criticizing the splinter in your neighbor’s eye, remove the plank from your own first! I must be careful to watch my critical eye, such that it doesn’t get to the point of hubris (although I would like to think that I am down to earth enough to avoid that!)

Yesterday I worked out my abdominals for mere minutes (ok try twenty to 30 minutes) with some of the local gym rats. It was incredibly tiring and humbling. My mid core is truly a weak spot! I don;t think my legs are all that bad, given my past history with running, and my upper body is certainly my best in terms of strength/fitness. Core though? Absolutely terrible! I am impressed by just how far my body was pushed yesterday and excited on how simple the exercises were (meaning that I will be able to throw them in every other day after other workouts). I am determined to cut down the last Achille’s heel in my body’s composition. If I want to reach the league that my fellow rats at the gym reside in, I must make this my next main goal (just like chest has been for the past few years). For a goal oriented personality, this is very clear cut and clean. I like.

Yesterday I had a fantastic coffee session with Jia. I love these impromptu conversations that just release the swirling eddy in my mind. I also had a very sweet Vanilla Bean Latte that was made with sugar free skim milk awesomeness.

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