>An amazing afternoon downtown


I'm sitting downtown in the city hall wading pool in a blistering 31 degree sunny day. Clear blue skies today, a fantastic workout at the gym and I couldn't be happier. Except if I found a large pot of money. I'm having such a great time just sitting here with nothing planned but listening to some good music and dangling my feet in the water. I don't think I've ever been more in love with music than now. I have brought some of my favorite LPs into my library and their full 320kps symphony just sounds gorgeous. Interestingly enough my current headphones are not capable of handling straight CD playback and it may be time to look yonder for a new listening experience. As Billy Corgan pleads "let me die, let me die for Rock and Roll" I sink into this ocean of joy and lose all of my weeks burdens.

Last night we went to grab some cheat food, namely cinnamon buns from Cinzzeo (OMFG so good) and whoppers from Burger King. It was great food and well deserved. The night ended with a wonderful splash through legislature pool and high rise balcony conversations with a cool night breeze soothing my super tired body. An all around fantastic Friday.

Apparently the last three Smashing Pumpkins albums were met with little success despite some very solid reviews (I clearly remember Machina/the machines of God receiving at least 4 or 4.5 stars from Rolling Stone). What's intersting is that I never got into them until Adore, the LP that was said to create the rift with fans. As far as I am concerned their last album is still quite solid, albeit slightly on the uninspired side. Zeitgeist had some heavy hitting tones in its arsenal, and apparently Jimmy Chamberlain's drumming was at his best yet. Ah well. I still love them (although I do agree that having just two original members seems to be a last minute money pull).

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