>Video Recording, Blackberry Storm 2 and School

I found some old DVDs I had filmed a few years back when I was working with the inner city children, and it was such a wave of nostalgia. Coworkers who seemed tighter than my own friends, kids who would latch onto me like an older brother and an overall working environment whose chemistry has yet to be replicated again! Truly an amazing summer, that year of 2006 was just spectacular. Perhaps most stimulating of this mind trip was the film format itself, a world apart from photography. I had forgotten I use to use this funny shaped camcorder, and boy what a joy it has been to rekindle its life back! Its funny how I always have an eye for new technology, but what works best is already sitting in my arsenal bag.

The new Blackberry Storm 2 is now a working model in the hands of the Crackberry team! What has amazed me is that it still has the Surepress Technology, a push to allow a touchscreen to still click (providing the all important feedback for power typers on a mobile), something that just isn’t the same as the haptic feedback from the screen vibrating. What was considered a total bomb on the first generation from last year (and what had thought to have been axed in its next incarnation) has now emerged in a form that is far more gorgeous (and what should have been the first release from RIM). Superb!

Recently I was on campus for something I can’t remember. What is important is that I forgot how much I miss the library and studying! I can’t wait until September! I have given it some thought, and I love campus so much, I should become a life learner (thus truckign through random various avenues of graduate school!). I would enjoy that very much. Also I just found out Sijie’s class schedule and it looks like it might be a damper on the social life right there. Boo.

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