>A Subdued Night


After what can only be described as a very emotional/stressful morning, I have retired for the day and await my public pony to prance me home. I made a few phone calls this morning describing my situation of potentially losing a significant percent of my salary due to a looming dead line and lack of government funding. My phone calls and pleas were rejected with a cold “Ha! You are fucked!” Needless to say the following hours were filled with a OMG why the hell didn’t I apply earlier? I mean its my own fault, and I’m terrible with time management but still. Self hate central today! Fortunately after making a few calls and then receiving a wonderful assurance from a government worker, I am all happy trails. I’m still cautious in thought, given my terrible relationship with luck, but I’m definitely missing a yoke off my neck.

Gym etiquette- I hate when people go to the lockers and sprawl their belongings across the bench, despite the obvious proximity of our lockers and endangered bench surface area. I like to take the time to move my stuff so others don’t have to throw their shit on the floor. I wish others would feel the same!

I often wonder how power lifters view body builders. In their minds, I imagine a certain disdain for a focus on image rather than performance. I would almost say the same for other athletes, who must see body building as a shallow endeavor. The thought billowed in mind as the power lifter nearby dumbbell rowed 140lbs, easily much higher than my exercise (albeit much less reps). Certainly impressive in performance, but rather lacking in the image department. I respect the different ideals of gym rats, but I could never go that route myself. I wonder if they feel the same about me?

After the squats I threw in on Saturday, I now feel like I have made my lower body ache in pain like never before. It is a little unreal how hard it is for me to go up stairs or make forward movement. Definitely a surprise to my body, as although I have been making changes in the gym, they have always been towards muscle groups that have already received considerable resistance training before. I am super pleased with how my glutes and quads feel though!

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