>An enjoyable weekend!


Unfortunately not as enjoyable as possible, due to the insane weather we have had in the city. I went out with Penner yesterday after a fantastic day at the gym. I did my abdominal workout and threw in the barbell squat. I enjoyed the squat so much! I’m excited to have this exercise in, as before there wasn’t a lot of heavy resistance training on abs day. It has been awhile since I have had muscles so sore I can barely move them (namely butt and quads). After the gym, Pens and I hit up the mall, where the first goal of obtaining tickets to a 10:00PM showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was fulfilled. I’ve really enjoyed hitting up the theaters on the weekend, it leaves something to look forward to at the end of each week. We had some of the summer stuff at Orange Julius, which turned out all right (lemonade smoothies) and I grabbed Harvey’s for the first time since grade four.

I was left utterly disappointed! Weeks back, I had watched with envy as Sijie ate a delicious looking Harvey’s cheeseburger, whilst I chewed carrots. It looked so fresh! Turns out, I wasn’t really missing anything. I upgraded it to a triple pattie poutine party and expected a delicious explosion in my stomach. I actually found it too salty. Meh.

While eating, the food court became super dark, and it looked so awesome outside we headed to the parking lot for the show. It was a great half hour of electrical activity. However, it ended promptly with a lightning strike that was a little to close to comfort (further complicated by our dry spot in the parking lot being under a large metal structure in Scotiabank Theater). It was the first time I actually felt the air somewhat charged up, and an Oh Shit moment imminent. It was truly a visual spectacle to behold!

We went into Pearle Vision, and they have their Buy 1 Get 1 Free event again! W00t! Some of these were kind of cool, I’ll probably go back later this summer. My insurance plan covers this year, so it looks like a new pair is on its way. I’ve been wanting to grab a thick black frame for awhile so this special is pretty sweet. Matt ended up grabbing a pair of sunglasses that were 70% off, an equally super fantastic deal.

We headed to the theater about an hour early, which turned out to be fine for the wait, given that we were completely sprawled out on the carpet. Turns out I don’t mind waiting at all on opening weekends! I just hate waiting while standing up. Haha. We passed the time with some goodies from the concession stand and soon enough we were immersed within Rowling’s world.

Wow this poster looks like Stephen King’s Tommyknockers film. I liked the movie. A lot. I enjoyed all of the OMG moments, some well placed humor and the acting was great. I suppose my interests in dealing with adolescent drama made the movie that more exciting to dive into. There was teenage angst everywhere! I’m a little aghast at some of the moments where they clearly threw random scenes in with little explanation (given the time constraints and the novel length), but overall it was a fun movie to watch. The only part that actually freaked me out was when the Inferi were about to grab Harry at the lake. I knew it was coming, but I did not know the girl sitting behind me was coming. She screamed/made everyone around scream! Also the part where that girl touches the cursed necklace is pretty damn scary. I’m pretty sure that’s not PG-13 anymore.

We were going to head to Capital Ex today, but the gross wind and rain sort of hampered that goal. That’s ok. I spent the afternoon doing a bit of paperwork and reading. A super relaxing Sunday.

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