>A Relaxing Friday Night


I'm sitting under the shelter light at South Campus. Having just missed my bus, and another 40 minutes till my next one, I'm relaxing under the cool night breeze, sprawled out on the concrete. After being donned in 28 degree weather and a terrific workout session with Sijie, its really chill to just enjoy my wait for the ticket home. As dusk settles in, I'm enjoying the start to what looks like a great weekend.

Over the past week I've had some serious issues to work through, and its been a somewhat unstable/unhappy ride. At the same time, whilst lamenting the loss of shoulders to lean on, I've had some really great upkeep. Just a simple call or an email has really been great. I hate being a drama queen, but I've found that dumping my emotions on my blog has been the best way for me to unleash the fury and tangle within my mind.

On another note, my completely not with it mind set has managed to foil my well being again. If the letter to the child care accreditation office doesn't get approved by next Friday, I pose to lose four dollars an hour, leaving a bitter 150 dollars out of my wallet each week for nothing. I'm hoping that this all works out because that's pretty much lame. I applied for something that should have been done months before. I'm so on top of things!

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