>Zeitgeist and Ass Shape


Have you ever had a craving for something? Then did you manage to satisfy it? During lunch today, I saw somebody eating an apple. No big deal right? Well suddenly I had an intense need for these delicious gifts from Mother Nature, only to be reinforced with remembering two apples packed away in my lunch bag! What a fantastic quick 2 minutes of bliss! This is probably among the more useless posts I have made, but I truly did enjoy eating my apple today.

I’ve decided to throw in a great workout for my glutes (AKA my butt) on my abdominal day. I have ignored my lower body long enough in workouts that its time to kick it into gear. Plus its always fun learning a new exercise! I am super excited about it. I want to make my bum nice. TMI? Pretty excited about it.

I have also decided to throw in a quick set of cardio at the end of every workout. It will be so quick that I can not ignore it and have no excuses to skip it. A set of stairs simply from one end of the Butterdome to the other will suffice for an everyday throw in. I am particularly excited about this, because its extra calories burned, at literally no expense. Over the days it will add up!

Some of you may disagree, but I believe the Smashing Pumpkins to be one of the most talented bands ever. Well more specifically Billy Corgan, since he officially disbanded to a single member (namely him, lead singer) this year. I’m listening to Zeitgeist in full 320KPS and I love it. It sounds so alive. I love listening to all my fave songs in higher bitrates. When I have time, I even sneak the CDs into my old discman, for lossless superiority! Although it has been criticized as largely uninspired (which I somewhat agree in comparison to their previous efforts), I still am enjoying their sound. In particular, I have discovered the track For God and Country, a somewhat dark/depressing title which resonates in my mind. Just Lovely

I blogged the other day about picking up a new charger for an old MP3 player that I have. Well it came with this depressing warning sticker. I am so glad that I need to wash my hands every time I need to charge my MP3 Player. Just fantastic!

Which seems to be an ok compromise, because I have resurrected one of my favorite audio players, the NW-HD5 and its super sexy accessories, the RM-MC40ELK remote and the MDR-EX71SL canal phones. I can’t say that I miss the earphones that much (truly a disappointment in sound quality compared to much cheaper phones), the benefit of having a remote has been fantastic so far on the bus. I have very limited room to wiggle around when sitting down in the crowded transit, and not having to pull my audio player out every time I need to change tracks (which happens a lot), but rather do a quick flick on the remote is fantastic! I miss this guy, I’m glad he’s still alive. Although I still have to deal with SonicStage, the shittiest music managing software ever, I have discovered a trick which allows a somewhat easier syncing of playlists between iTunes, Windows Media Player and SonicStage. Just lovely!

I was reading an article on BBC about Microsoft’s new Office 2010, which will be made free to use online (in a limited form, to compete with Google Docs) next year. What an exciting prospect! I wonder what they will change in 2010. I have just finally been fully accustomed to 2007, and truly enjoy the new changes they had implemented over Office 2003. It is an interesting change in tactics, as Microsoft is posed to lose $4bn (£2.46bn) in revenue. However, the article notes that making sure people are still using Microsoft products is more important in the short term than risking revenue. This seems to hold true in regards to new threats to their throne. Google is currently in the process of producing a new operating system, which will be free. Certainly if you have the brains, or at least very smart friends (who can pirate/obtain software cheaply/freely for instance via the Faculty of Engineering), it wouldn’t be a big deal. It however will be a big deal if manufacturers no longer have to pay a premium to bundle an OS with their hardware, and consumers simply choose to keep the free OS, with the cheaper costs. Especially with a software giant like Google, this new OS is sure to be a great addition to the market. Fantastic times to be in right now. Furthermore, Microsoft has recently launched their Bing search engine, as of last month, and I like it! Very clean looking. I have little else to say about it just yet, as I have just minutes of experience with the darned thing. Things are looking great so far though!

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