>Night Prowling What?

So I was out with a few of the guys last night hanging out in Garneau Park, just having a good chat when a random vehicle does a slow drive by, and girls inside started to wave rather excitedly. We exchanged a few awkward words, given that we were hanging off some climbing wall, and they were hiding behind tinted glass. After they left, we went back to our super deep conversation (which was probably about as deep as deciding a preference of peanut butter brand). Mere minutes later, they had circled back and came out their car to hang out with us. So random! We ended up chilling for a good while with these super cool girls from the University of Calgary. They had come up for the art walk on Whyte Ave, and were heading down the next day. I suppose that makes up for my earlier excursion last week with the male in the pool.

What made the night great was a last hour at Rememdy Cafe, which I am starting to really like (despite hating the smell that resonates all over my clothing upon leaving). I had a chai latte, a huge fave of mine, and some great conversation with Albert and Howard. What a great night. I effing love cafes at night.

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