>Dying To Say This To You


I’ve been dying to say this to you
And I don’t know what else to do
I’ve seen your fucking attitude

I am somewhat enjoying the sophomore effort from the Sounds. Its a little angrier than their third effort which I mehed at. Just a tad angrier. I still like their first effort a lot more, but so far a few tracks like Running Out of Turbo have really hit home with my liking. Speaking of liking, let’s look at the lines of Ego- “I’ve seen your fucking attitude” and “I’ve been dying to say this to you.”

If somebody had an attitude that you were not fond of (to put it lightly, we could also say hate/disgusted/disgruntled over/angered), would you say something? Would it be worth it for your time to speak up? I have been doing some serious thinking and decided to make a conscious effort to monitor my mannerisms outside the work environment. At work, there must be an effort to deduce how one should act in front of the kids. It is necessary to be in an excitable/enthusiastic/welcoming state in order to make sure that the kids are also motivated/inspired to have fun. However, there is also the underlying tone that one must check their behavior in lieu of being the fiduciary figure, a person of great influence and persuasion over these children. Thus any action a childcare giver/teacher takes can be taken completely out of context in the frame of a child’s perspective. This self reflective perspective is necessary to provide the proper guidance and upbringing of kids. Should I act with a professional working attitude outside with company? It is seems necessary to do so in public. One might not be a fiduciary figure amongst their group of friends, but their behavior must always be evaluated in terms of appropriateness.

This isn’t to say that I laugh out loud when I hear somebody’s father has passed away. It more refers to the subtle differences in perspective between individuals. What I might find exciting/interesting may actually be completely despising for someone else. Their frame of reference may be off the wall in comparison and my statements/actions might come off as obnoxious/repulsive to others. So what should one do? Be an emotionless void, filled with despair and simply shut down in face of offending someone else? I don’t know. I think that would be terrible, to check one’s actions completely such that at least nobody would ever be taken affront from enthusiasm. Yet with that comes the lack of inspiration, laughter and humor.

Humor will always take a chance at offending somebody in some manner. Humor can not operate without touching somebody’s nerves in some manner. Take the simplest joke-“Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side.” This joke mocks the intelligence of trying to deduce an incredibly complex answer, with the simplest, most basic solution. Surely one must be stupid to miss the answer! See what I mean? Should we shutdown humor in fear of offending someone? No. It would be completely ridiculous to have a mute community, constantly fearful of reprise/offense.

Despite this, I believe that I am an excitable person by nature and should show some constraint, akin to that of work. Work and play when necessary, I suppose. Personally I don’t think I am a saint, but certainly not an asshole either. I don’t go out of my way to chew people out, and have believed myself to be courteous/cordial whenever possible. I say please and thank you when necessary. If I have been a jerk (aware or unaware), I will do my best to rectify the situation. I believe myself to be apologetic by nature (which is changing somewhat as I age). Hopefully this will simmer the steam.

However, if I have done my best to rectify myself and its still not acceptable, well that’s fine. I used to care about what everyone thought about me. I still do to some extent, but its no longer an absolute.

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