>200th Post!


Oh cool! 200h post since I started this blog many moons ago. Ok not that many, but at least 3.5 years ago. That seems kind of cool. I don’t know what I should do to celebrate. Maybe send out blog hugs! I really enjoy blogging, as it gives me a chance to reflect on the day’s success/failures, as well as providing a means to look back and see some cool nostalgia. Pic from Mike Baker’s illustrations.

Today was a fairly drab day at the gym. I definitely did not have the juice to go in. Some days you go in and its like “Damn I think I want to go to sleep.” Ah well. Today’s form on the bench press was terrible and I definitely had some half reps going. I’m pretty excited to see where progress with my chest is going, but I have a sinking feeling that I’m not going to see a loss in my flab anytime soon. This calls for protein, probably towards the end of this month if I still am not happy. Other than that, things have been great! Biceps are going well too, I’m really enjoying the new exercise day for them. Shoulders are also great, with the military press really sinking in. Really excited about all these new exercises, just great for novelty and excitement! Image taken from Mike Baker’s blog, super cool unrelated pic!

Before I went to workout today, I knew I was going to be in terrible shape considering the number of times I fell asleep before coming to the gym (had to wake up early to get a dental appointment out of the way, with a pretty cute hygienist!). I grabbed a JavaJive hazelnut coffee and instantly remembered why its my fave drink. I love their flavored coffees (except butterscotch toffee because its the one they have like every other day). During finals and cram study sessions I would always get an extra large flavor and just bunker down with a big pile of notes in front of me. Its just such a comfort blanket for me- coffee and studying. I mixed some cinnamon in it, which didn’t really seem to add anything except grit on the bottom. I’m really excited to go back to school again this fall and face the pressures of exams again. Although grades are no longer as pertinent anymore, I’m still going to try to raise the bar on my previous year’s GPA (especially with the terrible decline the last few terms due to a somewhat lazier but happier attitude!). I think its just exciting making a personal achievement in this regard! I’m going to miss all of this when I go into career mode later on, but until then I’m going to milk the student life for what its worth.

Penner and I went to Futureshop the other day where I scored a few gems. CDs cheaper than my usual haunt t HMV (including some Smashing Pumpkins and some very hard to find Sounds albums-Living in America and Dying to Say This to You) and a sweet charger for an older Sony walkman (whose old charger is rendered unusable given that its covered in pepper spray from an unfortunate accident). Sweeter was that the charger was 75% off retail price as it was for some other obscure Creative DAPs which somehow luckily worked for mine! Yes! (and yes, Billy Corgan kind of looks like a douche with hair. Thank goodness he lost it.)

We went to see Public Enemies yesterday at the Scotia Theater. The story revovles around John Dillinger, the greatest American bank robber, during the height of the Great Depression in Chicago. It was an ok movie, albeit almost 2.5 hrs long! The story just didn’t pull me in at all, and it seemed rather drawn out at times. This might have been due to me being rather tired but at any rate, it was just cool set design/costumes/great acting that still made it aite. I honestly felt like you knew the ending right from the start- the greatest bank robber ever versus the best agents ever. Hmm. Add to that all the criminals are being captured left right and center right from the start, and it just leads to really very little tension or climatic action. I didn’t see any development in Johnny Depp’s character, save for the depressing aura of an enclosing judicial net around him and a downfall of the alluring criminal lifestyle. Meh.

I think there’s a bug trying to get my blood right now. GTFO bug.

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