>Compliments and do not want


So this week was an eventful and somewhat emotional. I tend to be a bit unstable and can really get caught up with things. Even though I like to keep my cool/calm/be professional when I am working with kids, there are some times when I get in such a state of despair that its hard for me to look out of my own perspective. I pride myself in working as an empathetic leader with kids, always making sure that I can see the world the way they do, such that I can teach to the best of my ability. Sometimes I just get so caught up with myself, that I wallow in my own filth, never able to look beyond my own troubles. This has come out again and again, and if there has been bad, I have faced the worst (at least I would like to think!) before, so it can only be uphill from now.

Gym etiquette- don't walk all the way to the other side of the gym when you see a buddy. Wait for the right moment when they aren't caught up in a set or worst of all- a circuit. A circuit is when you are doing sets of exercises one after the other, and it can be terribly annoying trying to do this when somebody is trying to talk to you, delaying the precious minimal time between sets. I also believe that in an environment where you see the same person multiple times (think of a classroom), it is not necessary to say hi, or even do the "sup" everytime you pass near each other. It just seems awkward. Erm yeah.

I was complimented on my bench press today from some of the guys, and they suggested that I try powerlifting. Its kind of neat, but I think at this point I'm more interested in physique/build rather than straight weight achievement. I think its unreal that somebody is manhandling 8 plates over his head, but the body required to get this is just not my cup of tea. However, inspiration lies in one of my fellow gym rats, a guy of similar height, much greater build, and a whole 15 lbs lighter than me! He has an unreal build. I want to be there.

Earlier this week, I was groped/hit on/felt up/winked at in the pool by a forty something old guy. I was second based by a father. Wait, what? The ratio is now heavily leaning more to guys vs girls. Great.

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