>Dead Space and Canada Day


I finally am on Chapter 9- Dead on Arrival in Dead Space. This game is so awesome, its unreal. Think Resident Evil with aliens. The weapons are awesome in this game and make such a huge difference in gameplay. For instance, right now I have a fully upgraded Plasma Cutter and Line Gun, the first two guns in the game, but since they are fully upgraded I have been like a god on the ship, Ishimura. Hehe. I wonder if I will finish the game. I have a penchant for never finishing games, so this might be the first. I love cranking the sound and hearing the moan/breathing of the aliens, and then crapping my pants when they come out.

On Canada Day, Miyuru cooked up some dinner, consisting of Tex Mex cheese, marinated beef, yellow peppers and wraps, all placed together into a delicious fajita (pronounced FA-GITA). Unreal good, and didn’t give me an upset stomach as Mexicanish food tends to assault me with. Also, all cooked on the George Foreman grill, which drains all the fat, leaving a delicious meal behind. I need to get me one of these!

We underestimated traffic coming in. We left the house at 9:30PM and managed to find the other guys under the high level bridge just around 10:50PM. It was a terrible scramble, first finding parking, then hustling over to the river valley, and then finding everyone in the mass jumble of celebrators under the bridge. Next year, I will definitely make a push for earlier movement.

Just settling in with the tripod under the bridge. I am so glad I managed to find my Manfrotto tripod! Its so small I can tuck it anywhere (well any bag) and its sturdy enough to work with most situations. This was well needed for the following night shots.

Some crazy bastard managed to scramble up halfway to the top of the bridge. He probably had the most amazing view of the fireworks. He also probably had huge testicles and a non-fear of death! It was probably worth the risk being up there because……

This guy kept puking beside us. One of the finer moments of humanity. I love how it managed to last all of the fireworks show.

This was how sweet the location was for fireworks! The colors lit up the water fall on the bridge. It was just unreal nice. I love the burst mode on my camera. I just held the shutter down and I ended up with hundreds of pictures in just minutes. This is important, because being able to time the fireworks and shutter is nigh impossible, hence taking many pictures, and filtering the rest.

Just a gorgeous red ruby spreading across the sky. No big deal.

It was really amazing how well some of these shots turned out. I love the aura captured from this shot, just the whole river valley lit up with celebration and excitement! What a great night.

What a beautiful blue! I am half tempted to increase exposure on this shot to open up some of the details around the valley, but I love the contrasting black and chemical reactions in the sky.

It is just unreal how this one turned out. It looks like a freaking sun is bursting onto the night scene! I believe the longer exposure and intense/dense explosion caused the almost uniform light sphere to form for this shot. Just unreal.

Last fireworks shot. Just a beautiful picture. But composed terribly. Although the majority of the shots managed to stay within the viewfinder, some of them really went high. This one isn’t too bad, but it would have been better if there was a better angle going on.

The crowds begin to disperse. This is where the chaos began. I started taking shots of the crowd and I was quick to lose my friends. Like all of them! Thankfully I knew where to head, but it was still rather chaotic/tense trying to wade through the angst to exit the valley.

The dust int he air was unreal. A combination of the fireworks smoke, and mostly the river valley’s dusty trail, it is captured floating around the air, needlessly lit up by my flash. I like this shot because it captures the essence of the madness that ensued after the beautiful lighting in the sky came to an end. It was well worth it though, to see it at that spot!

Very close to Jia’s apartment. Like just across the road. As soon as I made it hear, I began to panic a little less, being in much more familiar territory. I was making quick street shots with a very fast speed (ISO 2000) because my hands were a bit shaky from adrenaline (being that carrying around a camera in such a crowd isn’t the best idea ever!). Ok it wasn’t that bad, but still I would have felt a little better in a big crowd with at least a few friends. >__<

The busy streets as viewed from Jia’s balcony. Its kind of comforting/cozy to see such hectic roads, whilst in the shelter of an indoor sanctuary. Its like that blog post awhile back about watching all the commuters en route to work, whilst in the downtown Second Cup.

Composition is terrible here, with crooked everything, but I am a big fan of night shots! I think there is software to correct this issue, but I am too lazy to Google it. Directly in front of Jia’s apartment. I actually used the giant Omega condo building to find my way to his house from the leg! hehe.

Kind of a fun shot to the right of Jia’s apartment. I like the contrasting colors. I also like the fact that there’s still light in the sky, and its just shy of midnight in the city. I love summer! I have work tomorrow. Le sigh. Haha.

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