>Lazy Sunday and Swedish Berries


Its been a bit of a lag since the last post. My photo host, Facebook, has graciously decided to make me load photos 5 at a time, instead of a mass album upshunt. I’m assuming this has something to do with my editing software flagging the photos in a way that Java doesn’t like. How exciting. If I sound devoid of emotion, it is due to a lack of coffee this morning. I’m about as excited as affectionate puppies. This truly is a lazy Sunday.

Currently I’m downing a pint of new musical slosh. The Sounds have released their senior album, Crossing the Rubicon. The Sounds are a Swedish punk/pop band with a lot of punk/synthesized influence. Their first album, Living in America, is one of my favorite albums. I first heard it at a skate shop in Sylvan Lake, where one of the guys was playing it off his iPod. “Living in America” was an instant fave in my ears. There are so many catchy singles in this album, you would think it was a Killers album (some of you may not agree with that statement). Its been a bit harder for me to take in their third effort. Its a lot softer, a little more synthesized and definitely lacks the cutting/searing plea on their debut. Maja Ivarsson still has her sexy raspy voice and looks to kill, but its just not catching as well as I had hoped.

I actually haven’t listened to their sophomore album yet, Dying to Say This to You. I should swing by HMV soon. I’m hoping it sounds as good as their first.

Truth be told, I’m a little disappointed in Crossing the Rubicon. I would have liked a little more drums, and a little more anger. Its like 4am on Our Lady Peace’s Clumsy. If there wasn’t Superman’s Dead, Automatic Flowers, Big Dumb Rocket, but instead all tailored to the style of 4am, it would be too soft. I am le sad.

We’re not living in America
But we’re not sorry

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