>Relativity and Lonerism


I have always felt out of place to some extent. When I was living in Lethbridge, I was a social outcast given several factors; a)Ethnicity- Chinese people were simply an oddity in the classroom, and it wasn’t yet quite the time for the Asian cultural explosion all over the media, as it exists in this day and age b)Social Skills- My parents made me study hard, leaving me with little time/ability to focus on making friendships, thus leaving me a bit of a nerd/social outcast, but with a great record in weekly spelling bees (wait-what?) c)Body image- I was the fat kid in school whose backpack your older brother used to steal and throw the contents across the road (yes that happened many times). I suppose that’s why I obsess with body image so much now, because I never want to go back down that road again. I’ve seen it, and its a terrible way to live through adolescence. At least in adulthood, the age group is capable of keeping comments to themselves (most of the time).

Now where do I stand? I still feel a bit of an odd loner out. I suppose it is because I still feel like I stand among the shoulders of the popular crowd. It seems that the University has really honed me into the MED/LAW/DENT/PHARM OR DIE attitude. As much as I believe in the “love what you are doing” mentality, it is difficult to work around the fact that a very distinct difference in attitude exists between job titles. Call me antisocial, but I almost don’t even care to socialize with people with certain job titles anymore (Just days ago I had to argue, quite angrily, the merits of teachers and why they were in fact NOT overpaid to an elitist businessman). Its like I have created my own self induced loner bubble. I suppose the biggest factor in this lack of confidence is continually limited comradeship. The Faculty of Education is a very loose cohort, while the Faculty of Science is chock full of pre-meds. Scweet. I guess this is one of the reasons I am particularly excited about my School Psychology program, as it will be the first time I will have be part a specific cohort for a long period (2 years!). I think it will make a big difference in terms of peer support of one’s passions, integrity, confidence and inspiration.

Anyways, angry tirade tangent aside, I found I found it interesting to read a fellow blogger’s notion about financial stability. I always thought it was interesting in that I also consider the future murky. A school psychologist makes just $2000-5000 more than a teacher, given that they often work within individual school districts. Now lets take into consideration the current 11 year cap for teachers in Alberta, at $87,000 (last time I read the Alberta Teacher’s Association News). Now give or take the school psychologist’s slight advantage, it still is near $90K a year. Is this really that bad? I believe it isn’t at all! And yet here I sit, wondering if my future is really that bleak. It is a matter of relativism. If I continue my path as a consumer oriented individual, it would be terrible. I would be a loner amidst all the CEOs of this country. But if I took into consideration of what my basic needs require(indeed Maslow’s hierarchy should be a big guiding light here), than I am more than equipped to take care of those important to me (including myself). There is really no reason to worry about my financial stability as long as I consider that a BMW M3 will never be parked in my garage. A little materialism is fun, but it should never compromise one’s passions. The big thing I suppose is changing my perspective. I suppose a change from acquisition to conservation would be a big start.

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  1. jia says:

    >i'm so with you on the consumption thing – happiness is certainly not to be found in buying nice cars, but rather in the passions of our lives.friend-pat!!and wow i didn't know teachers made close to 100K a year. that's quite good wow

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