>Ohe Hello Quick Post


Currently listening to some classic junior high school angst- Garbage’s Version 2.0 album, a mixture of electronica, rock and bitterness. Unfortunately the disc is scratched to shit and I will need to buy a new record. This album reminds me so much of my early teenage years- acne, anger, no friends, low self esteem and fat all around. I am glad I have evolved somewhat from that stage. I had the biggest crush on Shirley Manson back in the day. There hasn’t really been much out from them since.

The Burton site has shown me the Emphasis backpack in the Sixth Watch color scheme. I approve and like. A trip to Easy Rider maybe in the works in the near future.

I realize that there are n00bs everywhere, in every genre/subject possible. I also realize that saying “I hate newbs” is uber lame and elitist. I also make my damndest effort not to judge people in the gym, especially those that are hard at work/new to the whole effort. But it never ceases to amaze me that gym newbs fail to recognize simple gym etiquette. This is the second time when just before bringing to weights down for dumbbell flat chest press, some asshole has sat on the other end of my bench. Luckily the second time, I checked behind me to make sure I was in the clear to bring down the weights. The first time it happened, I smashed my head into the back of the dickwad doing bicep curls on half of my bench. GARGH! I just don’t get it. This isn’t a sharing circle. You wait your turn until I am done, or at least done a set so we can superset. I just find it really stupid/rude that they wouldn’t even ask if they could share the bench (which people never do btw, especially gym rats). The thing that is annoying is that benching 100lb dumbbells requires incredible concentration, and having a human in the way of your upper body as it takes 200lbs down is incredibly bad.

I also hate it when somebody asks how many sets you have left, and then just stands by in front, staring at you until you finish. I think it is very rude. It is even more rude to immediately begin disassembling the weights just after your last rep. Wait for it jerk. I observed this the other day with some other lifters in the gym, and then worst of all, after making grand gestures of checking his watch/staring at the guy currently using the bench, he only did two sets. TWO SETS. He even had the audacity to take a ten minute break between sets. There is no way they didn’t have time to wait a few minutes, instead of standing like an asshole glaring at the poor sap on his bench. I feel like I would have told the guy to go eff himself if he stood like that in front of me. It just seems so rude.

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