>Happy Father’s Day and Birthday!


On Friday we had an early birthday bash for my 24th, given that birthdays on weekdays tend to blow. It was a very relaxing/fun time hanging out with my good friends and chatting like we didn’t have huge worries on our minds (careers anyone?). We went to Doris’ home and busted out some sweet cooking. Penner and I swung by Safeway and came back with some tasty tasty sweets (chocolate eclairs stuffed with frozen custard, parfaits which were really just jello/whipped topping. 4L of chocolate milk which would later prove my intolerance to lactose, and a big tasty cake that had way too much sugar and nuts for Howie’s allergies to handle).

Here we are just getting in, and preparing all the fun tasty food. I just realized that I didn’t finish my virgin Caesar. Damn it. It’s basically the Clamato, Worcestershire sauce and Tobasco without the alcohol. I love Clamato.

Look at all that asparagus! Apparently eating a lot of asparagus will make your urine smell funny, possibly along the lines of rotten eggs, sulfur or dead rabbits. Schweet. I love the little lighting just over the sink in Doris’ kitchen. I am just a huge fan of random lighting.

Reenacting the wonderful scene from years back when we stumbled upon some guys doing sexy poses in the middle of the forest in Banff.

This poor lighting/underexposure does not do justice to the wonderfully juicy burgers Jeff slaved over on the BBQ. They were full of moisture and flavor and delicious. I am going to have so many hamburgers this coming cheat Friday.

Tasty tasty burger toppings. I am surprised that I didn’t put more tomatoes on my burger. I love tomatoes. There was this one time where I got the Subway Sandwich Artist to put a shitload of tomatoes on my footlong and a little piece of me went to heaven.

Here is some delicious asparagus ready to serve. There was something yummy mixed within it, it might have been butter. I love asparagus, but I think its a little pricey for a veggie.

It turns out that night was Jon Chan’s last day before he heads off to do his residency in internal medicine in British Columbia. We headed off to say more goodbyes (so many this year!) and eat the tasty goodbye cake that had been prepared for him.

The night ended with a wonderful bonfire in Doris’ backyard. There is just something awesome about fires that makes everything interesting- lighting 1 million match heads and watching it on YouTube, smoking Cigarillos that tasted like Bubblicious Grape and explaining the origins of blisters on one’s hand. A wonderful night! Thanks so much everyone!

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