>A very sweet hangout session.


Thursday- went out with Owen for the last real hang out before he heads off to Croatia! And probably heads out for good out of Edmonton. Le sigh. I had lots of fun this night. We hit up Taipan for the classic Portuguese chicken/egg fried rice combo, although i changed it up a bit with beef stew/Portuguese sauce/egg fried rice (hint- the chicken is definitely the better one- way more meat/less fat). It was a great dinner. This was followed with going to the river valley for some sweet sweet hiking through the exposed sand bank (hello low tides) and skipping rocks. Pics to follow.

Owen became so mad at skipping rocks that he threw all the rocks into the river with much angst! The sun was gorgeous that night. Perfect temperature and skies for sunset on the water.

I stole rocks from the river for my fish tank. I look really super greasy because I am. I have layers of sun block and sweat from playing capture the flag all afternoon with my kids. Mmmmm.

We raided the center I used to work at with inner city children. I have sweet sweet climbing skills. Nobody would ever be able to tag me if I played grounders with them. I kind of felt like I might rip my pants at the ass seam climbing this thing. I don’t think I will do it again. I once climbed into this tri exit hoop to hide from my boss.

Can you see the charm of my old center? Yes, that’s right, this is the same park we had all our kids in everyday. I am so excited that they are exposed to this sort of environment all the time. Of course while we here, some assholes on bikes decided to eff around. Very nice place to raise your kids.

The day ended with the exposure to the inner criminal mindset of my friends. They vandalized a park with Happy Birthday signs! Terrible! Hehe, thanks so much guys. Probably the coolest thing I have had for a birthday in a long long time. I was completely blonde about the sign at first too. I was like “Wow, somebody else named Ellis is having a birthday real close to mine!” Oh sigh. Overall a very awesome night. I am going to miss you so much bro. Birthday fun blog post to come soon!

Cheick Kongo is the sickest looking fighter I have ever seen (including my current fave Brock Lesnar). He has a body chiseled straight out of Michelangelo’s hands. He has definition I could only dream of. And he has a terrible ground game. I am so sad. The following link shows him getting completely rocked on the ground. Oh Cheick Kongo. Please train for not just striking. I want to look like Cheick Kongo.


And to look like Cheick Kongo, I am now currently doing Latissimus Dorsi workouts, where you lift five plates (225 lbs) on this sweet looking contraption for 36 reps. I love this one. It takes so much out of my lats. I feel I am well on my way to a great v shape. My Roman deadlifts have trained my lower back quite well to prepare myself for this exercise!

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