>Bachelor of Education Convocation


My Bachelor of Education convocation was on Monday and it was perfect weather for it. It was cold! I LOVE COLD! I hated sweating everywhere with the damned gown and hat during my science convo. I also managed to lose my ring and let it roll down all the graduate rows. Sweet. It turns out there was a special sash for Combined BSc/BEd graduates and in my anger I wore both my science and education sashes because I wasn’t told about this! Hehe.

Of course it ended up looking pretty stupid since the damned sash never could stay put on my shoulders, never mind two of them.

Of course I look super awkward in the hat. Hats have had a history with me. Of me hating them. My head is too damn big.

It looks so pretty from the audience area. Imagine losing your ring in this crowd. This happened. All the education graduates in my area helped me find it. 🙂

I come onto the stage and shake hands with people I don’t know. But I do so because everyone else is doing it and it makes it more formal. I knew two people on this stage. Steven Mandel for being mayor, and Indira because I see her in the student newspaper The Gateway. I wish I had a picture with him. He looks so badass with his thick rimmed glasses.

I wanted to pound Indira, but I didn’t think she recognized the universal fist symbol yet. Instead I went to high five. She left me hanging. How embarrassing! The president of the university face palmed my style. Le sigh.

I love how Sol came to my convocation drunk. In front of my parents. Sweet.

It turns out my dad shoots Nikon too! We are a Nikon family. 🙂

Chilling by the trees with the homies. The greenery with the cool breeze was really really nice.

We then decided to attack the camera. This turned out to be really cool to look at in sequence, but I won’t post all of them for fear of bandwidth failure.

Our man picture from the front! Inside my shirt, my gut hides. I need to lose that ASAP!

Lat shot! Haha. V shape! I can’t wait until I cut that abdominal fat off and it becomes much sharper.

Friendship circle. Wait what? This shot was so stupid hard to get because it was using the 18-105 VR and it was wide enough to always get my arm in the shot with the remote.

Thanks so much for coming to both of my convocations guys! That’s 6 years down the drain. Here’s to another 2 years! I’ll see you then.

Its so sunny outside, its going to be a great day. I should be on my way out soon! I can’t wait to feel the sun on my arms. W00t! Its also the last big full day with Owen before he leaves for Toronto. Le Sad.

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