>Convocation- BSc and one pic from BEd!

>I’m going to make this a bit short cause there are so many pictures that it would be innately insane to post them all! Therefore I will post at most ten photos representing my achievement of graduating my program! Also kind of related, but I have discovered an important HTML code that allows me to make thumbnails, instead of fricking resizing and uploading a photo that fits the 360 pixel wide border of this blog’s margins. Also I am too lazy to edit these photos just yet.

I love this picture! Its a fun family shot, and its nice to see everyone. I also like the composition. I also like how awesome my upper body has become. This shot was during my BEd convocation, as the whole family was unable to attend for the BSc one.

One of my favorite ones of the day its shot with the 50mm prime. I love the bokeh in this one. I wish she wasn’t holding the darned bag though.

I like this one. It was taken by the waterfall near Cameron Library. Everyone was trying to get shots at the Arts building because of the nice stonework and vines, so I didn’t want to have people everywhere jostling for spots. Luckily I remembered this secluded spot for some cool shots.

Another nice shot! I actually kind of wish that I took better shots with my BEd graduation. I put on both sashes because I was so distraught that I was not wearing the official sash for combined BSc/BEd graduates that I wore both at the same time. Unfortunately it looks like poo having both sashes on at the same time. But that’s ok. The most important thing is that so many people showed up for both of my graduations, and I am so happy about that! I thought that it would kind of suck, because I wouldn’t know anybody, but it turns out it didn’t matter! Everyone came. Thanks so much guys!

My wonderful convocation which lasted a kind of fun but almost agonistic 2 hours. Apparently my kids at the care center watch it on a live stream cast. I thought that was really cool. They actually cheered which was real nice, because the kids that did were the ones I have been working hard to gain their respect from. Its been a good month and some, and its really showing.

Somebody was violating my right abdominal at this pic, that’s why I look so happy/bursting at the seams. And because I am tired I am going to stop posting for the BSc convocation. I will post the BEd one in a bit! Maybe tm.

ALSO HUGE CONGRATS! To Joey! For getting into Physiotherapy in Dalhousie! I am so happy for you!

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  1. joey says:

    >hahaha thanks man =)

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