>Oh my gah!

So like my mind just lit up about a new found fact- I am fatter than I was months ago, and I could actually make use of my new found waistline! A year ago, I bought 5 pairs of Bannana Republic jeans from an outlet in Florida. Unfortunately at the time I had definitely ballooned from vacation eating, and when I lost weight (19.5 lbs!) the jeans were way too baggy to wear. Super disappointing because they fit so well, and it was a huge waste of money. Well surprise surprise, they fit again! Fortunately I am nowhere near the fattiness that I was before, so I don’t feel so bad, just happy that I can make some use out of otherwise useless clothes.

The jeans came in a few different washes and they were super cheap (around 30 CDN a pair!) so its nice to be able to wear jeans that don’t suck, like the ones that I wore (that the BRs were supposed to replace). This is very exciting. I am also unreal hungry right now, but I can’t eat because it is midnight. Sigh.

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