>Micorsoft Zune HD

I have my BEd graduation tm! It will be the last step of my 6 year long journey. I am moderately excited, and slightly more concerned about how my fish are swimming like they are oxygen deprived. I am so glad it will be cool tm, only 14 degrees! This makes for a much better experience wearing the awfully warm gown/hat combo.


Zune HD Video Hands On from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

The new Microsoft ZUNE HD looks pretty slick if I may say so myself! The UI looks smooth, animations are sexy and overall a good effort from what I can see from previews. I’m not terribly excited about a full touch UI though, as it still takes a lot of effort not to punch something when I can’t see the damned screen in bright sunlight.

Sijie recently brought his wireless adapter over so I could install the new Xbox 360 UI. Part of the new update includes the ability to install a game to the HD, so that it uses the HD instead of the optical drive for a better portion of gameplay. This is to cut down on the terrible whining of the optical drive and make gameplay more enjoyable (with less spin!). It also increases a need for a bigger hard drive, which I unfortunately opted for a much smaller 20GB version (only 20 bucks!). So far I have noticed in my favorite game, Dead Space, that it is definitely much quieter and the gameplay is still scary as shit.

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