>Sarah Slean Live at the Myer Horowitz Theater

Sorry for the delay in posting, its been a really busy week! I went to the Sarah Slean concert at the Myer Horowitz Theater, my convocation for my Bachelor of Science Degree, and something else I can’t remember. But one super duper busy week for sure! I’m going to break this blog into several segments and do it piece by piece since there were many pictures and lots of fun.

We were sitting way back in Row Q and R, which was pretty much at the back (only one more row behind me). The thing is, although it wasn’t the best seat in the house, it wasn’t that bad at all! The Myer Horowitz is wonderfully constructed so that even the last seats have a decent view of the stage, albeit it must be absolutely wonderful in the front rows. I can only think that the absolute right and left sides must be craning their necks/visually obstructed. So overall, not too shabby for discovering she was coming just weeks before! The best part is that she will be playing in Sherwood Park this coming October, which will mean better seats and another wonderful performance.

Close up of the piano that Sarah would be playing within minutes! This was a very exciting time, to finally see the woman whose sensuous voice had inspired me to so many heights in my art.

When I used to work at Steep’s Tea Lounge, Sarah Slean would always be playing in the background, as we weren’t allowed to play anything that was on popular radio. It was interesting in the sense that the combination of the dark illumination/stained wooden decor, creative nature of the BA students sipping away tea and her music just hit the spot. This picture of a SWATCH model was largely inspired by all of this. It just brings back the memories of a time when I felt that urge to unleash onto the paper. I have yet to feel that again, even years (count 3) later.

The first picture/time I have ever had/seen of Sarah Slean in person! This picture is absolutely terrible, and was shot in ISO 2000 on my Nikon P5100. Clearly this little camera is not capable of the low light performance that a concert requires. It was unfortunate because photography was allowed, just not flash photography. I tried to make the LCD/LEDs hidden so nobody would be bugged by them, and yet people were taking outright flash shots, to the point that it was banned during intermission (anyone caught would be removed from the audience). Even then, somebody had the nerve to take a flash shot within minutes of the warning, and Sarah stopped and bashed him politely/sternly. She completely stopped singing/playing and the crowd cheered her for her reprimand to the audacity of the shooter. At any rate, this is why I need a better/faster lens. 70-200 VR? Hello!

Despite the terrible nature of my Nikon’s small sensor, I am still pleased with the outcome of the photos. Despite the complete lack of detail in her face, I am much happier with the notion that I was still able to take shots away from such an amazing venue. I will make a better effort to inquire whether a DSLR outfit will be allowed in her next venue, as it was just screaming for me to have that prime F1.8 to steal all the light.

It was just amazing to hear her voice live in person. There are some artists that just sound terrible live in person (think Billy Corgan/Smashing Pumpkins), but she is clearly not one of them. It was simply unreal how talented she is. Not only does she have a beautiful voice, but also a knack for humor and a pretty face. Pretty much has it all.

The acoustics in the Myer Horotwitz were amazing. I am no audiophile by any stretch of means, but I do feel I can recognize good sound to some extent. Hearing her was such a leap from her recordings. I cry a little just thinking about what I am not hearing anymore. Ok well its not that bad, but damn. Just amazing. She played a really great set, with my favorite being California. I will later vent about what she did not play.

Our intermission consisted of getting up and stretching our gross sweaty limbs. It was kind of warm in the theater, a little too much for my tastes. During this time I raved/begged that she would play two of my favorite songs, Drastic Measures to which my drawings were largely inspired by, and Universe.

Her second half held a cool night sky back drop. I was really excited this time, because between each song, she would explain what the meaning of the next track. At one point she said “Universe” around 5-6 times and I expected my song to come. Instead, it was “Notes from the underground”, a great song in itself, but with less meaning to me. This pretty much happened throughout the next half of her concert, me desperately trying to interpret her sentences, in hopes that it would lead to my faves, and then being shafted. After her last song, which came rather quickly/unexpectedly, everyone stood up and cheered/applauded so much that she came back! (While I was cheering, I was bitterly cursing her lack of Drastic Measures, haha). She then asked the audience what they would like to hear, to which I screamed rather beggingly “DRASTIC MEASURES! PLEASE!” Immediately this was followed by Joey screaming “SOUND OF WATER!”. Guess which one she played? GAH! It is now a running joke that Joey ruined my night. IT IS NOT A JOKE! I WILL AVENGE MY NIGHT JOEY! RAGE! Hahaha, jk jk. I was so pleased that she came back it didn’t matter. Pure bliss.

Seriously a great night. I just wish I had my DSLR so I could shoot above ISO 200 and not worry about detail degradation. Ah well. Like I said, I am very pleased with the results of my little Nikon pushing the limits on its little sensor. A picture is always better than no picture, and that’s what photography is all about, freezing a moment in time.

I think after the concert we were all too much in disbelief about how well our money had been spent that night. There is joy across our smiles! To think that I discovered this through Joey’s blog makes it that more amazing. Isn’t my Burton Polka Square bag AWESOME! I never get to see it in this angle. Cool beans.

I also managed to pick up a copy of Night Bugs from the concert’s after sale market. Joey grabbed a copy (last!) of The Baroness Redecorates. Simply wonderful purchases after an amazing venue.

I leave this blog entry off with a picture of Shelby and I. I have some sort of connection with her that only she could understand. I pet, she relaxes. I wish I could do this with my fish. They apparently do not love me as much.

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