I am really enjoying Green Day’s new album, 21st Century Breakdown. It is catchy, full of energy and perfect for summer listening. I don’t even know what to say about it so far, but I sort of forgot that I bought it, so I just started listening today, and so far I am supremely pleased.

Thanks to the wonderful search engine, PriceGrabber.com, I was able to locate the Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 for much much cheaper than the asking price at AudioCubes.com as well as Bluetin.com. Furthermore, it still is from a reputable dealer (I was pretty hesitant to order from Bluetin, as their site looks like shit, albeit they do have a decent reputation amongst the enthusiast community online). For some reason Beach Photo doesn’t ship directly from their site, but they do so via Amazon.com so that’s good news. Considering that the ATH-ESW9s will end up costing me just a but more than the Nixon Master Blasters, and have a much better reputation for sound quality (added to the fact that I don’t want to buy something that just looks good, something many Apple fan boys seem to do, or well any fan boy), it is a solid deal and a decision I feel pretty firm in.

Today I got my learner’s license! It was actually because my grade ten IB student was in the license office waiting to get her learner’s replaced because she lost it. It was quite comedic actually and she swung around to check if I passed! Haha. I ended up smoking the exam, right after the previous girl who had four questions wrong, and I had none! But then she was 14 and that wasn’t really a valid comparison haha.

I went out with some of the guys to Good Buddy for some din dins last night. We ordered a set dinner for two (oh how western! but that’s ok), with chicken fried rice, hot and sour soup, honey garlic chicken and Peking pork chop. It was deliciously tasty and deep fried and completely unhealthy, but that’s ok, it was super fun. At the end of it, we felt greasy and stuffed/bloated.

I’m off to my first summer BBQ! Woohoo! Peace.

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  1. joey says:

    >hey man when you going to start lifting people instead of weights?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6p_gSOOqM8o

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