>New Upcoming Artist Valerie Poxleitner! AKA Lights

I just discovered Valerie Poxleitner after seeing an advertisement for her new self titled EP for just $9.99 at HMV. I have unfortunately been unable to nab this steal of a deal yet, so that will likely be a trip today. I’ve been listening to her single “Drive My Soul” which I will talk about later on the Samsung P3 via pwnYoutube and its pretty addicting.

I realize it is synth pop, and that a lot of naysayers will be like “Ooooh its pop, you have no taste!”, but honestly I could hardly give two shits about what people think about my music tastes. I feel confident that I could crush most people in two so that helps! 😛

And really is it so bad? She just won a Juno for best upcoming artist so at least she’s recognized as somebody with talent. Its like she has the allure of Ashlee Simpson’s fake punk look, but you know, with talent. Oddly enough. There is something appealing about her tattoo that just makes me think “Damn that’s cool. I want a tattoo now”. Of course I would soon regret a decision like that.

Her musical style is supposed to be inspired by Bjork, but as has been argued, is hardly anywhere near the dark dismal atmosphere emanated by the Icelandic singer. When I listen to Bjork, I am usually in a trashed emotional tattered state. Either that or reading something really depressing. When I listen to Lights, I am in a super elative mindset. At the same time, the heavy reliance on synths is apparent, so perhaps the relation/inspiration weighs more there.

Some of the appeal in Lights is that she is straight out super cute! Why is she so attractive? Is it because she’s super skinny? Cause I actually find being too skinny a turn off. Isn’t that what Hollywood and the big music wigs are trying to shove down our throats? That to be beautiful you need an itty bitty waistline and dimensions beyond else, everywhere else? Which is completely infeasible? I use to get really jealous of bodybuilders and their cuts until I realized that they only look like that during a few weeks at competitions, but after they lose that cut, cause they start drinking water again. See, even guys obsess about body image!

I think its her tattoo. I swear its the tattoo that makes her so cool! I have been thinking about getting one on my left inner wrist, where my watch would normally cover it. I haven’t really thought about what I would want there though. At one point I wanted a praying mantis, but that idea has been scrapped since.

At any rate, I am pretty excited to see what the full album released this summer has to offer! I do think that her name and Cd is one of the hardest things to check out (imagine if you will, the number of sites with “Lights” tagged).

Ok so it wasn’t this nice outside, but Owen and I went to grab some food and ate in the park today. It was really nice its been awhile since I don’t get to have relaxing good chats in super fun places. It will surely be interesting having them over the webcam! This is the new plan to establish communication when he goes away to Croatia. I have a webcam but it was thrown into my pile of useless crap. Apparently not so much anymore!

Samsung’s software, although initially praised for making playlist transferring from iTunes a simple easy affair (since I heavily rely on playlists for music management) has since disappointed me. Imagine that if you don’t manually close the window, all those playlists disappear. What? And that there is no on the device browsing to delete/manage those playlists once transferred. Or that the damn software has lag playing mp3 files. Lag. Really? No wonder Apple has such a dominant share on the market. Thank goodness that the Samsung P3 runs much more smoothly. I have long since approved this as my DAP of choice and the sound quality has continually pleased my audio bliss. Small things like on the device radio recording (with great FM reception too!) are huge now that I am spending more time searching for new sources of music on the airwaves.

The only thing that really still hasn’t settled in with me comfortably is the full use of a touch interface. Thank goodness for physical volume buttons. But some things that astound me, like a push to click hold button. Hold buttons are supposed to prevent accidental button use right? Well when you put the P3 into a pocket, the damn button gets unclicked, opening the touch screen for full interruption of your musical heaven. Not great for the gym, when my arm band is so tight that it always allows for messing around with the hold button. Other than that, its just a matter of time before I am fully comfortable with the player, but so far its been great.

I’ve really enjoyed ripping youtube content with the pwnyoutube hack. Downloading in mp4 format allows direct dropping into the Samsung P3 without conversion, and its been easy as pie to allow mobile video content. This is great cause there are some really inspiring Ronnie Coleman videos which would be awesome to see in the gym on days when I just feel like calling it a day early.

I still can’t believe the speed that solid state memory has taken to get to the market. It just seems forever in comparison to hard drives. A 120gb Microsoft Zune is just 199 this weekend, and yet a 32 gb solid state flash Sony x1000 is going to be 399 USD! I realize that its more expensive to make these flash drives given their recency to the market, but man, since hard disc based players are almost slim to none in this market now, it should mean tons of factories/lowered cost to get the SSDs out to the consumers.

I tried something new this week! I am now focusing on the growth of my deltoid muscles as my triceps have begun to steal the show a bit much. Instead of standing single military arm dumbbell press/crossovers, I am now focusing on sitting shoulder presses with dumbbells. I went light this week, given that I have been using the same weights for the past few years. 60 lb dumbbells for the press at 64 reps and then sets until failure. I’ve enjoyed the workouts this week, mixing things up. It makes the gym a lot more fun when its not such a routine, although routine is important to make consistent dedicated growth (until you hit plateaus!). Arnold’s delts are so impressive. Do want.

I need to goto sleep. I would like to wake up and be more productive.

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  1. mag says:

    >love the song! will download=)

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