>I need to stop looking at deals.

Due to issues last year and issues this year, tomorrow promises to be a potentially very awkward work shift. Fortunately I have plenty of work to do, so its not like I will be in the situation forever, but I am not really eager to drop into work to go “Oh hi.” Luvly.

I have no idea where that image is from but it is awesome. I was very awkward in my teenage years and still am! But much more so in my high school and junior high days. I would do anything to hide the fact that I was busting out with waistlines, zits and some pretty terrible relationships. The biggest issue is perhaps my struggle with my weight. I have never been able to completely rid myself of my issue with body image, and given my fat side in adolescence, I am probably traumatized for life.

Which is why I would like to announce that today I was able to flat bench press 100 lb dumbbells in each hand (incaseyoudidntknow), for 117 repetitions over 14 sets of 8 reps plus 5 reps at the end. I am completely proud of myself of just how far I have been able to take my body to the gym, and I totally sound like a complete prat, but that’s ok. I justify my excitement with how flabby, fat and awkward I was in high school.

I was just struck by the Windows Genuine Advantage Validation tool. It essentially will check to see if your copy of Windows is a pirated version and if so, it produces a constant pop up, like the above picture reminding you have a fake version and it will attempt to annoy you until you buy a real copy. The thing is, when my computer was built, I landed a copy from an engineer friend, who managed to get free licenses for almost anything Microsoft, due to some special deal with the Engineering Faculty. So I assumed it was a valid CD key, although I always was a bit suspicious when it came on a burnt disc.

Anyways, I passed the test! Which is good, cause I wasn’t about to buy a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate, even with the 80 buck student special. I hate Vista with mad passion, and you can’t buy XP anymore. Windows 7 would be the best alternative, but its not out yet, and I am not tech savvy enough (yet) to do a clean install. So in the meantime, I have surpassed Window’s attempt on my wallet!

I am eating something similar to the picture, a soup made of stewed tomatoes, pork and potatoes. It is pretty good, and wonderfully home made from my mother. After a long day at work and a long set at the gym, it is nice to finish off with a big bowl of comfort food, albeit I should be sleeping in a matter of minutes so that tomorrow’s work doesn’t suck.

I just found out the Creative T40 speakers are almost at a quarter of their regular price. I would love to pick up a pair of these bad boy speakers and use them straight for CDs. Sigh. I hope I can get to them in time before they are all snatched up.

They look absolutely gorgeous in their yellow/grey metallic hinted color scheme and sound not too shabby either. Being a 2.0 system rather than 2.1, they would be wonderful for casual listening, like just before bed or in the morning, and may make my current configuration for radio slightly more tolerable. image by Aurelijius Veleisa on Flickr.

I just want a simple pair for my CDs. I have always eyed this set with its super sick looks, but pooed on its terrible pricing scheme. I am very excited. I hope I grab them tm!

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