>Better Lens or Awesome Pocket Camera?

It has occurred to me that there are two particular things that are certain within my photography hobby. I need a better portrait lens with a more useful focal length, and I need a better pocket camera. My Nikon P5100 is definitely still one of my favorite cameras, but its AF speed and slow aperture leave a lot to be desired. As well, the kit lens simply doesn’t provide the aperture levels that I need to produce the gorgeous bokeh that the above photograph shows. The subject is within focus, but the background is beautifully blurred. This is possible with my 55mm f1.8 prime, but its focal length is essentially difficult to work with.

Behold the Nikkor 80-200mm AF-D F2.8. A constant f2.8 aperture and a wonderful range to work with. Plus the lens has rave reviews and is tack sharp. I have thought it over, and the extra 800 for Vibration Reduction doesn’t seem to be worth it at this point in my life.

It is simply a beautiful lens to work with, and has such a huge benefit for my shooting potential. Photo by Bandoi on Flickr

I do want very much! The solid build quality doesn’t hurt either.

The other thing I want is the Panasonic Lx3 as mentioned before. I love this camera’s 24mm wide focal length, as well as the fast aperture f2.0, great for indoor shooting with natural light, where the majority of my work is done. I am constantly amazed by the photos that blogger DannyChoo.com shows by the Panasonic. Imagine that! Being able to shoot such nice photos with something that can be stored in your bag all the time. I want very much.

The above shot was taken with natural light with Danny’s DMC-LX3. I assume so given the aspect ratio. The lack of blur is due to the ability to use a fast shutter speed, only possible due to the huge aperture of the lens. You would otherwise have to increase the ISO, resulting in a noisy picture lacking color and details. Anyways, I love the ability to take shots with a carry anywhere camera! Its just that fast fast f2.0 lens that can make things like this happen. Am I jealous? Yes I am! Am I wondering if this styled lens will be available with a bigger sensor this fall? Yes I am! Will I be willing to buy something with a fast lens and the ability for high ISO shooting? Well you get the picture.

Also today I forgot my gym lock. Normally this wouldn’t be something upsetting, as its just a few bucks to rent a lock. I just feel dumb when I make such glaring mistakes that could easily be remedied by simple planning, like checking my gym bag each night to make sure everything is ready to go. For instance, I hate when I forget to charge my iPod and the battery is dead in the morning. Its really a pet peeve, when you are already to go and after a long commute, you get shafted by something so small and stupid. Gah.

I was pleased to discover that there are now alternating routes for my commute, such that I always have a bus running every 15 minutes that I can catch! That is a great alternative to every half hour before the transit overhaul, and I will gladly take the LRT commute change (that I so despised before!), with this new convenience.

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