>First Day Back to Work

New flash! Nixon makes headphones, and their show model is the Master Blaster. Thats sexy metal/leather just colored nice enough to make me swoon. I don’t even care how they sound, and I am fully aware how stupid that sounds. (Get it? Sounds? I laugh at my own jokes!). Reviews say they sound good though. Sigh. Another thing I won’t be able to afford. 😛

So I started work today at the daycare again, after an eighth month hiatus from school. Come to think about it, this is the first time I have ever continued a summer job for two years. I’ve never been one to stay at the same job for some odd reason. I guess each year, I seemed to have found something better, or in a new field I haven’t tested waters in. This year, I decided to stay at the same position because I found it quite enjoyable and learned a lot especially navigating the rocky world of work politics. This has come to be quite useful in other aspects of my life. Plus I loved the kids! I hope this summer is a productive, fun filled learning experience. I also hope for less conflict.

So today was pretty fun, I was able to see lots of old faces again, and the kids were visibly happy to see me. If I may say so, a coworker mentioned that one of the new workers was amazed at the kids’ delight at my return. That made me feel somewhat useful with my life. 🙂

This summer bodes to be a lot of work, just like before, but I believe that I have gained the experience to make it happen. Especially after seeing what did NOT work last summer. Oh dear. One thing that I found particularly awesome was the use of outdoors. Even just a playground makes the day just whizz by. Soon enough, its over and you just realize you were paid to push kids on the swing and talk about their upcoming junior high years.

I just saw this on Mobile Review’s latest spilkins/hands on with my favorite phone of the moment, the Nokia N97. I love this phone so much! That open screen looks so good, with a resolution of 360×640 and at 3.5 inches, its a beauty. I also love the slide out full QWERTY keyboard.

I don’t know if you can read that, but there are some impressive specs listed on the side of that phone. 32 GB of solid state memory (hello digital audio player replacement! plus awesome sound!), GPS system (so useful when its always on you! I love having it on my Blackberry Bold), 5 MP Carl Zeiss lens camera (ok, probably some marketing gimmick) and some other nice things like Wi-Fi.

I love the fact there is an ok camera on the phone. This is important for snap shots that would have never otherwise happened. Sometimes its more important to get the picture than worry about the technical details. In easier terms, its better to get a shot, than no shot.

This is the phone side by side with the Nokia N86. I love the N97 in white. I thought I would rather have black, but I am starting to develop of fondness for the white N97.

It also helps that it looks like the touch interface on the Nokia N97 is very promising. The user interface is as important as the physical hardware (look at the iPhone’s success!).

I am a little worried about the Nokia’s QWERTY board though. The keys don’t look too promising, and all the wonderful specs could be bummed by a terrible keyboard.

I was in the mall to try out the two other favorites, the Sony Ericcson Xperia X1 and the HTC Touch Pro. TO say disappointed would be an understatement. I couldn’t type worth a damn compared to my Blackberry Bold. I know Blackberry keyboards are legendary, but damn what a difference it was! I could barely make a quick text with their boards, never blog on the go. The xperia x1’s keyboard was definitely the worst. The review from The Boy Genius Report was right about the disappointing performance of the keys. The Touch Pro’s seemed a bit better, but it probably was due to me using the Bold’s keys for so long. I might have been able to deal with the Touch Pro’s board, but not the Xperia’s. That’s a shame considering the very high res screen on the SE phone. Also the Touch Pro did not have a 3.5mm jack, so another big axe right there.

I am very tired. I need to sleep right now. I stayed up last night reading Coraline after hearing some rave reviews about it. In a few words, I could sum it up: Scary as hell. For a children’s book, this was messed up. And for somebody who doesn’t find a lot of horror movies super scary, this was pretty wacko. But the story was pretty cool! At any rate, it kept me reading till the end, and I had very little sleep (not out of fear haha, but rather a lack of tiredness). So I am off to lala land!

Good night.

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