>New kicks equals awesome

I went out with Penner yesterday along Whyte Avenue and hit up Plush. Inside was a super sweet 50% off sale rack, the kind of rack that I like! Picked up a pair of Vans Off the Walls in red plaid. Can’t remember the name of the shoe. But a pretty sweet deal at half off!

I am a huge fan of color, I dunno I just love the bright red plaid all over my feet. I have a thing if the color is bright and flamboyant I will want it. I have limits of course, but I love these ones. I have also decided not to get the Nixon watch after hitting up WatchIt! yesterday, since the watch is over priced, even at the wrongly priced $400 CDN vs $475 CDN. I put it on and it just didn’t jive with me. I love the colors- baby blue, white, yellow and accents of pink, with a cool blue backlight, but it just seemed redonk dropping 400 on an almost novelty watch. $200 CDN maybe, not twice that.

Some of my favorite kicks. I have basically got most of these on wicked deals, so its actually quite an affordable set!

Also awesome was that I used windows config and disabled a few useless applications for Windows XP startup, allowing my desktop to start far faster than before. I am talking about 2 minutes to full usability vs. 7-10 minutes because of dumb things like ADOBE updater. Still not as fast as the record 25 seconds on a clean installed XP on the Toshiba A50 I had awhile back (with a single core 1.6 Ghz Pentium M!) but much better considering the decent specs on my now 1.5 year old desktop.

I gotta do something with my life right now. Like workout. I missed out today cause the gym was closed early and it was lame. Must go earlier tm.

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