>Enjoying my morning

>I just finished the most delicious cinnamon danish and am now enjoying a large caramel coretto at Second Cup downtown. It is very relaxing. Its 9:37 am and I have the whole day ahead of me. I need to go through my reciepts, get some money back from my Biology 499 project, check in on graduate school stuff (I need to find a supervisor? What?! Haha jkjk) and workout. Its a gorgeous day outside, at 15 degrees Celsius, with a nice blue sky overhead.

Its kind of nice to sit here in the midst of the hustle/bustle of the corporate world. They all have to goto work after their coffee, whereas I get to read some books. I suppose the big difference is that they probably make six figures and I have student loans. My net worth is probably less than the smelly guy that was just beside me moments ago. Ahhh.

I also just got back from my appointment with my doctor concerning my hand. It is apparently all healed up, but contains a cyst, which explains why its still swollen. Fortunately this has no effect whatsoever. Unfortunately this means that I will have arthritis later on when I am 40. Lovely.

I really love the mornings. They are so calm and peaceful. I really should wake up earlier and enjoy the beautiful wee hours.

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