>Emotional State

Jia mentioned that this blog often hits several consistent topics- Fitness, Electronics and Emotional. I feel like this entry will be an emotional entry. Sometimes you don’t foresee how a situation will affect you until you frame it just right. As I type away at my comp before heading to bed, its starting to hit me a little more every moment, and a different window is opening. It was Will’s going away day. It was his time to say good bye. It was a time when the times of our already scarce get togethers with friends became that much smaller.

That sad dejected bird is kind of what I feel like my life is like right now. I feel like its all taking off, that I am reaching new heights, and making progress in all the right places. I am beginning to experience a new found freedom. Yet, despite all this, its also bittersweet. My friends are all moving on with their lives, and making new chapters. I have always been one to dwell on the past. I know there are new opportunities awaiting us, but its sort of depressing to look at the past and see how far things have drifted

Will went on his Sunday farewell as he begins to embark on his next stage of life in Toronto. We began with terrible weather, consisting of wet snow, hail and an overall chill that crept into all of my body. What compounded this was the fact that I caught the new bus route to the University’s South Campus, and now my area has 5 new bus routes, and I have no idea where it goes. I was quite miserable for the afternoon trying to make it to Hawrelak Park. After an interesting glimpse at the transit center that will be sustaining me for the next few years of my life, I managed to make it to the party in the park, where it appeared that everyone was trying to stay warm and hog the fire.

I miss these moments. Where we use to sit around a fire and have a good conversation. We ended up staying out the rain and fury, ate random food and had some fun talk. The day would probably have been slightly more enjoyable if the damned sun had been out, at the end of freaking April, but that’s life.

We ended up at Dream Tea, a classic for our university undergrad hangouts. Of course, given the frame of reference, I can’t help but think about just how far we’ve come. We use to crash Dream Tea back in Grade 12, and I have a nice photo of our freshly graduated minds eagerly anticipating post secondary life. Oh how young we were! To think that that was nearly seven years ago seems absurd. I hadn’t even owned a decent camera yet (I almost bought into the APS- Advanced Photo System then!). Really, the thing that bothers me is how fast we are aging. Life just breezes by. It really makes me think how short life really is when you are enjoying it.

We ended up at the Old Spaghetti Factory downtown, and it was actually quite incredible to think that it had already been two whole years since I had last stepped in here to celebrate my 22nd birthday. Time certainly does fly when you are having a blast. We had all just eaten and were more or less full, but it was fun nevertheless to have a nice sit down dinner. I had the lasagna with baked onion soup on the side, quite a decent meal for just south of twenty dollars.

Of course, somehow Howard manages to say some magical word and then it all comes down. “This is the last supper”. Sigh. And really it is. There will not be time for another gathering before Will leaves. Add that to the others who are leaving as well, and it suddenly strikes you. The people you had taken for granted, that were always there for the last good portion of a decade are leaving. For good. It really doesn’t feel all that great.

Ok, I’m not that depressed over it, maybe its Metric’s awesome “Collect Call” thats getting to me. I go through these waves of nostalgia quite a lot, and the last year has been chock full. I am done. I am typing this blog entry as a university graduate. Le sigh. I am not ready for this next phase of my life.

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