I just ripped all my new CDs and am now listening to bliss. I love my ears right now. I love the wonderful aura of musical notes dancing within. I am happy and content! I do not want to carry my CD Walkman around everywhere though cause its big and bulky and CDs, as good as they sound, are impractical for me on a mobile basis.

I am wishing for a new music player, but with the Nokia N97 having a built in 32GB flash drive within, and the solid sounds of their 3.5mm headphone jack (awesome sounding on their xpress music line), I am leaning to just waiting for the N97 to come out and use it as an all in one. I am already using the Blackberry Bold as an all in one already, I barely use my iPod classic anymore, even though the Blackberry has a terrible background hiss that is overwhelming at low volume- and you can’t increase the volume too much cause the damn thing is too loud and I don’t want to go deaf.

I officially finished my advanced teaching practicum yesterday to the cheers and sadness of my students. I am now a graduate of the University of Alberta’s Combined BSs/BEd specialization in Secondary Education program and now have two degrees under my belt! Now all that remains is to get my next degree the next few years. That will be interesting, and fun! It will also be hard, a new level of thinking, but a means for me to make further progress both cognitively in the way I think, and in my career path.

I am quite sad about the whole finishing part. Regardless of how much I enjoyed the students, it was still work, and there were many long days of stressful preparation. However, there was also a good deal of relationships developed with my mentor and pupils, and I will certainly miss that. I won’t go too much into details about the last day, but let me tell you, that handing in my keys and locking the classroom for the last time was pretty hard. After 9 weeks of being responsible for that room, it is definitely hard to leave. I won’t miss some of the harder moments, or a particular class all that much though (:P). It is a bittersweet ending.

I also drank an energy drink on Thursday and bench pressed 100 lb dumbbells for 101 reps. That was exciting! That was 14 more reps than last weeks. I won’t be doing anymore energy drinks, cause I think thats cheating and I needed it that day cause I was soooooo tired.I might switch it up next week to 105 lb dumbbells, but we will see how I do at the gym today, I have only been doing the 100lbs for about two weeks, so it will be rather fast the transition.

It is cold and rainy outside and looks absolutely terrible for my summer to begin. I cannot believe how gross the weather is these days. It looks absolutely terrible. I looked longingly at my shorts and realize they will be unused today. Oh well. Although I will have to wear jeans and a hoodie, it beats the pants out of dress clothes. I despise dressing up. Ew.

As much as I despise the gross weather right now, it does signal the beginning of summer and winter’s demise. I hope this summer is fun filled and brings me a good set of memories. I will be working at my old job again, retitled as a Summer Activity Coordinator, running a group of programmers at a daycare. It will be fun to be back with elementary aged kids again, and not monstrous adolescents who pick me up and swing me in giant good bye hugs (yes somebody big enough to pick me up and swing my legs freely hugged me my last afternoon).

I am going to go rock out to more Yeah Yeah Yeahs and eat some lunch. I am going to enjoy my day as an official graduate. I am going to welcome my temporary freedom. I am going to enjoy my day. Should be a fun time!

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