See that? Thats a big pile of awesome on my desk. 4 amazing CDs and the Sony Anniversary Slot-in loading D-EJ01 CD Walkman.

Today on my second to last day of teaching, I went out and bought my teacher and students some parting things. As well, I also walked the HMV and had an assault on my wallet from some solid CDs I have been meaning to buy for a long time.

First off, I’ve listened to the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s for awhile on torrented tracks. After listening to Its Blitz! on cd, I knew I had to have it in CD. Plus I think they should have my support even if its a meager CD purchase. IS IS, Show Your Bones and Fever to Tell.

Next off, I bought Metric’s Fantasies, which is awesome in itself, but did not come out early, so I had to listen to a shitty bitrate mp3 file until today. Huzzah!

I had almost forgotten about my anniversary edition slot loading CD Walkman. This player is so awesome, you slide the CD in, rather than pop the lid. Plus the thing sounds shitting awesome! The bass is a bit overwhelming, but honestly, its a nice change from the neutral iPod sound I am so useful, or the Blackberry Bold’s background static hiss.

I have more things to talk about today (i.e. fetal pig dissection, long damn day, OMG I am so close to summer), but I will save that for later. I need to work out my biceps and goto sleep, its almost 10:30PM!

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