>Soooooo Sexy


Sometimes I just see products and I want them because they look so cool. For instance, the Leica M8 in white. It is so hot. I want it. So much. Even though I have never operated a rangefinder in my life.

But even then what I want even more is still the Nikon 70-200 vr f2.8. I still think that this lens would be a nice breakthrough from my kit lens. It also would be a breakthrough for my operating budget.

I am currently debating if the extra dollars for VR is worth it. I think in the end I might not go for it, cause its a little ridiculous, but VR is soo useful in the 200mm range.

I haven’t written anything for awhile due to a very busy week, where my mentor teacher was away and I was teaching 100% of his course load the whole week. Needless to say, I am spent and the tiny piece of shit Shift key on my piece of shit HP laptop does not help with my blogging. I absolutely hate my laptop. I was with Will yesterday and we were looking at his next comp. Some of the 18.4 inch laptops were pretty nice for good long typing sessions for my thesis, so I’m pretty psyched about that. I love having lots of screen estate for multiple windows and a plethora of open space. I would definitely limit the minimum screen space to 18.4 inches and a UXGA screen at 1900×1200 or Full HD at 1920×1080. Although I like the specs on the Sony AW series, I do not like the plasticky appearance of it. There is an upgrade for the laptop, where it has proper specs for photography editing, but it is out of my budget.

What I am not psyched about is that I do not get an office. I was checking the Educational Psychology FAQ’s and apparently first year Masters students do not get an office. Do you know what we get? We get a locker. WTF do we do with a locker? I can get a locker at the gym. For free. Well for one day.

Another thing I was scoping at BestBuy was the Canon G10. I still love this piece of hot hot camera, but I don’t think the specs are quite up there for a DSLR replacement, like the Panasonic LX3. It is still absolutely drop dead gorgeous. If my Nikon P5100 was the cute smartie in class, the Canon G10 would be the absolutely drop dead hottie who was way outta your league in class. I will wait for the upcoming fall for the Canon G11 replacement- hopefulyl a faster lens, a better sensor and that will be all that I need.

I had a pretty solid day today. After a terrible episode where rumor mills hit the roof of a student with a copy of the exam I was about to administer (which is not fun to deal with at all, especially trying to find a new exam, and make copies of it, then review it to find that it doesn’t really represent the material at all), I managed to wind away with a cool evening involving hitting all the cool Edmonton skyline vantage points, Dream Tea, Buddy Wonton and a good night with some friends. Who is leaving. Quite soon.

I am pretty impressed with the kids in my Biology 30 class. Impressed in the number of students who went out of their way to inform me of the incident and how the exam was compromised. I am happy to see that I have developed enough rapport that students would see fit to tell me these things. Thanks guys! I am disappointed that the exam was jacked and that my afternoon went to hell, but its high school. I am not at all surprised that something like this would happen, albeit was quite flustered trying to amend things last minute.

I’m relaxing in my bed right now, listening to some solid Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Its 2:30 AM and I feel so chill. I have nothing major to do, except enjoy my night and maybe sleep. Then wake up and get back to the weights. What a good night!

I managed to flat bench my centennial goal, the 100lb dumbbells at 81 reps (9×8+5+4)the other day. And it was awesome. I had this goal in mind since last year, but it was delayed after my hand was broken.

I am now beginning to wonder at what point I should stop with the weight lifting. I enjoy making progress (as my deluge of posts may indicate), but there are limitations and really I don’t want to end up being a neanderthal. We will see.

This week plans to head out in a bit of marking, a bit of lesson planning, and the last week of my undergraduate life. The six years of my university program complete. I don’t want to leave it just yet. There is so much I want to take in still from the university life, and yet, already I feel kind of like a dinosaur amongst these very teeny first year students. I’m just excited I get to stay in that cool college life for just that much more. I am looking forward to lunch dates, coffee dates, readings at coffee joints, and drinking coffee.

In fact I need to get coffee right now. Later for now.

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