>Dying in Med Sci

>After Jia's super exciting baptism today, I have now decided my limiting factor, or at least for the current moment, is a good telephoto/portrait lens. I was unable to capture quite the full essence of Jia because my 18-105vr Nikkor is really fricken soft and sloooow (f5.6) at full telephoto, not to mention lacking in reach. It is to my pleasure that I have decided my next goal in life will be the 80-200mm AF-D f2.8 Nikkor. That's right. Constant f2.8 all the way through. I won't be getting its successor, the 70-200mm VR f2.8 because that's an extra thousand for VR and 10mm. But what a deal! I am truly excited for some awesome range and great bokeh.

I have also discovered the joy of in camera sharpening where the default sharpness on the d90 is three notches below middle and there is auto Dlighting applied(what?!).

I am pleased with the 18-105vr but would like more speed and reach. I am pee in the pants excited about this.

I also had a fantastic double meat grilled chicken breast Subway. I am so content. I have more things to talk about, but ill leave that to when I get home and leave the forsaken Med Sci building which I loathe for some unexplainable or at least illogical reason.

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  1. Mag says:

    >I really like your music on this page! …and also that pumpkin lol!!

  2. alice cooper says:

    >haha thanks mag. thats how i felt after eating all that. like throwing up everywhere.

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