>Grossness in my Moments of Glory

I’m sitting on the edge of my bed as I make way for sleep to come. Its coming close to 4am and I need to be up and early to learn the 20IB immune system unit. I’m sitting here still awake because I had to work out again because I ate like a pig just hours ago. I managed to consume two double cheesburgers,large fries, a large Coke, a junior McChicken and a normal McChicken at 1:30AM. After I had already eaten dinner at Tropika. Although it was super fun, I feel pretty disgusting. One of the things I had always taken pride in was my sense of dedication to the active lifestyle. And right now I am not reflecting it, even if its just once a week where I let the body go. When I let it go, I really let it go, and its gross.

From now on, it starts. I’m on the full straight diet. That means that my coffee in the morning is just skim milk. No creamer, no sugar. Just like the glory days. I still need to eat out at a birthday dinner tonight, but I will and know I can fully dedicate myself to the guidelines I had so successfully used to drop 19.5 lbs in three weeks last summer. I will reach the below 160 mark again, and I will maintain my strength. I have to.

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