>Two weeks left


Maintenance- there is now a twitter update on the right hand column, so you can now Twitter follow my everyday happenings which are just too boring to make a blog post about!

Today is a really nice day out. I think its going to be in the ten degree mark. My family has apparently ditched me with the sister going to Calgary with her boyfriend, and my mother visiting relatives in Calgary. I have decided to stay in Edmonton to do dead lifts and rows. Also Katie and Vicki are coming up today!

As my days progress and I get closer and closer to finishing my practicum, the stress is starting to grow on me. I understand what needs to be done for the lesson, and although I am far from proficient at teaching, I feel like I have progressed tremendously. It does sadden me that I will be leaving, and there are classes that I certainly will miss. Certain students have begun to grow on me, despite the almost equal number of students who drive me crazy and push my limits. It will be interesting on my last day.

I have begun to notice the pudge grow on my stomach. This has increasingly decreased my self image and my need to run/train harder. This summer and expect to slam that last mile in, and truly cut the fat. I also intend to perfect my bench form.

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