>North Korea Space Launch ‘Fails’.

From BBC UK:

“Two stages of the rocket and its payload landed in the Pacific Ocean, a US military statement said.

Hours earlier North Korea claimed the satellite had successfully been put into orbit and was transmitting data. “

Nice work North Korea.

Yesterday we crashed Dairy Queen after dinner. It was a mistake for me. For some reason I had the mentality that it was ok to order something awesome cause I was so blatantly denied my ice cream on Friday. Instead for almost seven bucks I got this POS:

It looked terrible, tasted terrible and worst of all was small. Very small. I was soooo sad. The waffle tasted like cardboard, the ice cream almost artificial and there was way too much caramel crap everywhere. I should have gotten the large Blizzard instead. Or you know maybe I should have actually had some will power and said no to it.

I felt so gross I went home and did a bicep workout before I went to bed. Not that that would help me get rid of the disgusting calories I had just ingested. I think I have let this calorie thing run amok again, just like last year. I have somehow justified my caloric intake because I am working out, but just like last year, I need to remember than caloric intake is never justified with working out. You burn very few calories (261 after running 6.1 MPH for 2 miles!). Sigh. But I wont shut down just yet. Just 13 more days of teaching(!) and then I will really kick in the diet again.

We had a lot of laughs yesterday over dinner, and the food was ok. I am a little sad to see my money go towards food though. I am not a finer diner by any stretch of means.Dinner could have been money for camera equipment. Or you know, a lot of McDonald’s. I value quantity over quality so much! Perhaps that’s one of the reasons I bought ice cream at DQ. Cause I was still hungry.

I had some sort of breaded chicken breast, with crab meat/shrimp on top. This was with a side of veal stuffed cannelloni. It was ok, the pasta wasn’t bad, the cream sauce ok. Actually the dinner was probably really good, but my n00b skills were probably too poor to appreciate it properly.

Howard mentioned “This is it hey? This is the end”. In case you didn’t know, Howard is going to MIT for his Masters, where he will be working with some resource transportation logistics with the International Space Station. NASA apparently is working right alongside this project. Un-freaking believable! At any rate, he’s leaving this September, and with this going on, will pretty much never see the light of our home town again.

Not only is Howard leaving, Will is leaving for Toronto. As is Owen.To freaking Croatia. After Googling images of Croatia, I can officially say I am jealous. OH EM GEE. This isn’t your summer co-op party (see you in 4 months!) deal. This is a “Hey I’m going to other parts of my life right now. Good bye.”

I don’t need to reiterate how much I hate this aspect of life, the part where everyone finishes university and moves on with their careers. I am so sad. If Penner picked up and left too, I think I would shoot myself. Sigh.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. joey says:

    >Eff I know hey. All yesterday got me feeling was like I am failure at life. You dick, I was going to do a post about Howard on Monday but you beat me to the punch. Now I’ll have to beat you with a punch…nvmyourmusclestoobig…-j

  2. Jia says:

    >it’s really sad that everyone is moving away…but friends we will remain if we choose to remain friends, even if the relationship looks different

  3. Jia says:

    >and we’ll have more time to hang w/ each other 😀

  4. alice cooper says:

    >Haha Joey I know hey? Its ok we will let him be the first astronaut to “explore” extra terrestrials.Jia – good thing you are like right across from me now hey? Merely a street away!

  5. Peter says:

    >Ellis,This post made me sad, really freaking sad. I hate you. )=

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