>Fairly satisfying evening-Fairly unproductive workwise

>I found the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s new album, It’s Blitz for super cheap$9.99!

Unfortunately the new Metric album was not out yet, and so I shall have to suffice with pirated version until said CD is released. Very much looking forward to it. I love what I hear so far- super catchy and super guitar riffs.

I also purchased the official rubber skin for my Blackberry Bold. I was going to buy the aluminum case on eBay, but it was almost 25 bucks and a pain to get- this one was only ten bucks! I think the aluminum case would have interfered with the cell/GPS reception anyways. But it did look lovely on the eBay auction! It doesn’t protect the most important part unfortunately- the screen. Will need to look into that. I need this case cause my school doesn’t allow cell phones, and I can’t flaunt the belt case in front of them. So this one will do. Its super nice cause its not a cheapo rubber skin that catches hair and lint in your pocket. Pleasantly surprised! I’m like constantly touching it cause its so cool!. I am such a friggin loser/nerd but I love this phone to bits.

Also I took this shot with the Nikon P5100 the other day. Super pleased with the depth of field- F2.8 wide open. I mean the bokeh isn’t stellar, but from a point and shoot- not bad! Its nice to know that that little guy can still pack a punch.

Also, my sister made this wonderful satay beef and mushroom lunch a few days ago and I thought it was amazing.

In case you haven’t noticed, I totally revamped the blog the other day. Unfortunately it is super small and doesn’t let me post pictures in large sizes (it cuts it out if you look at old entries). I like the layout enough though. What do you think?

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