>Friday Morning


Mikie Hara is soooo awesome. Fave J-idol.

I just finished a fairly drab breakfast. Being Friday, my cheat breakfast consisted of a pretty lame Danish cinnamon roll (?!) and good thick bread with butter/strawberry jam (I never use margarine/butter). Utterly disappointing. To top that off, my coffee is missing. I refuse to get mad over missing coffee. Gah.

I just read Claymore 90, after a disappointing Naruto and Bleach manga. I waited one month for this issue. Was it good? It was ok. But nothing particularly great. Riful will now be doing battle soon with Alicia and Beth which should make an interesting arc- since Eisley was so easily (Lol!) defeated.

I have some powerpoints to finish today. I need to finish the reproduction unit cause I will be teaching that to the Biology 30s this Monday- the female structures and hormonal control! The Bio 10s will be getting more plant stuff, so I’ll likely do that tomorrow.

I have almost managed to convince myself not to buy the Tach and get the Murf instead. Of course my budget begs to differ on that. 😦

Today is a pretty drab day for working out- squats, side/lat lifts and dumbbell rows. Yesterday I added 5lbs to my shoulder press, which was interesting, since I have been using the same weight class since my 2nd year!. It made for a more challenging workout. I however do not feel the need to increase my Friday workout as such.

Its a gorgeous sunny day out right now. I kind of want to go outside, but I have stuff I should do before I head out tonight with the family. Which should be awesome. Cause I never hang out with the family.

Tomorrow the guys are getting together at Piccolino’s Italian something place for bdays. It should be aite as I remember the food being great for lunch awhile back. The only issue is the dress. I hate wearing dress clothes. GAH!

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