>overcast day

>Am currently enjoying a mug of coffee and leftovers from Taipan restaurant. My diet has gone down considerably the past few weeks, but thats ok, I’ll pick it up again in summer, when I have time to actually focus.

Taipan is my new fave spot. The Portugese(sp?) chicken is to die for! There is simply so much chicken in a tasty creamy sauce over fried rice that I can’t help but order it every time. Definitely my new fave dish.

Yesterday marked a hallmark in my workout fixation. I benched two plates (225 lbs) on the bar bell, at 69 reps (8×8 +5). This is 139% of my body mass (currently at 162). I was so excited to do it, because that has been my goal since last year when I started the bar bell – to bench two plates at 64 reps. So all in all, a very exciting day.

Right now its pretty overcast and kind of gloomy outside. In fact, after I took a shower and stepped out, I was kind of spooked in my own house. Now I’m just looking forward to a nice shower, albeit, it’ll likely snow instead. Cause April showers are not bringing May flowers anytime soon in this damned weather.

My new current fave is the Nixon Tach in blue/black/red. I love the black metal and contrasting face with its eye popping colors. This will be something I will save up for over the summer. Super in love with it!

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