>I've been super busy with life. In case you haven't noticed, I've been bogged down with the lesson planning. Even though I'm supposed to have spring break right now, I'm learning about the reproduction unit so that I can teach it to my grade 12s. Next step is to make some lesson plans from that. It should be pretty straight forward, considering that I have the material fairly well now, although I don't understand why FSH is increasing during the flow phase of menstruation. Lovely.

I'm really excited about today. Its six foot bench press day and considering that last week I was benching 72 reps (9×8) at 133% body mass, I might, just might do two plates today. That was my alltime goal since last year, so its pretty exciting. Also exciting is the progress with the dumbbells. I'm at 85reps at 95lb dumbbells. Pretty sweet considering my goal of 64 reps at 100lb dumbbells is super close. I'd give it another 3 weeks before that happens. I'm in no rush.

I also just wanted to say how exciting it is to read about the reproduction unit. Learning is just exciting to me. Maybe its ingrained in my head after so many years! I'm really excited about graduate school, especially since its going to be about the same cost as my undergrad! Woo!

I'm also excited about the Dell Studio XPS 16 with the RGB LED 1900×1080 screen res. I think its super cool, but varying reviews leave me with a confused judgment so far.

I'm going to sleep. I'm listening to the Killers and the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album which is just plain awesome. night!

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