>One more week to spring break!

>I am so tired these days. I'm always struggling with making sure I know my material well enough for teaching (a problem when a lot of material has never been covered in my university program) and worrying what my mentor teacher thinks about it. Its soooo stressful its like auditioning for a job-everyday. You never know when a student is going to ask a question that will throw you in a wack. I have had better moments though, and some classes have been straight solid- like teaching the Bio 20IBs the heart. It was so fun, and I had a blast. I have found that its been a huge learning curve and every night I've been worrying how prepared I am. I'm actually really glad right I'm going to grad school this fall and not auditioning/jockeying for a job. It seems quite tough these days, and it looks like Edmonton is not hiring a whole hell of a lot. Sigh. I am glad though that I have a new door opened in the education field so that at the very least I have options and am not desperate to find a way to make a living.

I haven't blogged as regularly due to the tremendous workload I've been slammed with dayindayout. I'm taking over the Bio 30s this week and its going to be nuts. At least I have a decent understanding of the reproduction unit after a cram session in SUB. One thing I have emphasized so much as an advantage that my university career has given to me is the ability to process information. Although the high school stuff is meant for adolescents, it is brand new material to me in many aspects and so its been good seeing that its not taking as much time to process the stuff.

This week was really great at the gym. I benched 127 reps of 205lbs (15×8 + 7 reps) and then I benched 79 reps of 95lb dumbbells (9×8 + 7reps). I have officially beaten my strength in September! Before I broke my hand, I tried the 95lbs but they were too much and I ended at the 5th set of 8. So definitely cool. I am also no longer taking protein. I didn't buy any cause my camera killed my spending. Since then, I haven't noticed any issues maintaining strength and clearly have been advancing in weight classes too. So I'm nixing the protein, since that shit costs so much and doesn't seem to have any effect for me.

I'm so hungry. Eff. I have a big night of marking ahead of me.

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