>So today I finally activated the spam filtering service on my ualberta account. After six years of wondering how the hell spam bots were grabbing my email that is pretty much business/school and you know, not openly placed at free porn sites. Its weird how it took me that long to react to it. I finally got sick of it yesterday when I received an email from Virginia saying the reason my wife was dissatisfied with me sexually was because I was using the carrot wrong. Wait what? I'm married? That's news to me. Plus apparently we are into the produce section. Lovely.

I benched 90lb dumbbells 117 reps on Saturday, a record high for me. It is officially time for me to move onto 95lb dumbbells this coming Saturday for the 64 rep battle. Should be fun.

I have five weeks left in my practicum. I'm learning so much and yet I'm so emotionally battered I can't decide if I'm happy or not. I love the fact that I am becoming better everyday, but in a sense I feel so disappointed that I am lacking in so many areas. Or so my criticisms would seem to indicate.

I'm pretty disappointed with what I've shot with the Nikon so far. I have a big learning curve ahead of me on that as well.

I am very excited to be going back to school this fall! I can't wait to be in a tight cohesive group again. I am quite frankly scared of my thesis, but I mean I take what I learned from my honors thesis and apply it to a grander scale. I'm excited to take classes I have real interest in, and definitely not excited about the statistics classes. Puke.

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