>Been almost a week since last log!

>So I finished what the APT students call "callback", which is essentially a break from the practicum to touch base with everyone and see if anyone is considering a different career or giving up on their future ambitions. I was surpised by the responses. It ranged considerably- a few had some super positive responses and they were having a grand time. Then there were the bad stories. One student teacher had a pupil slit her wrists because her cell phone was taken away. This is topped off with the fact that a good portion of students come to class methed up. Another classmate has a mentor teacher who sounds just like a big asshole. Its pretty amazing the range I saw today. What was really important to me was seeing my sweet sweet professor, Ada, again. I swear she's what I would say is a sweetie. She has such a motherly embrace I can't tell you how comforting it is to see her again. Her words provide such wisdom, strength and comfort. I am glad I've met her. I needed it today.

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