So today a few things happened. First off I am tired as hell. This practicum is pushing me off on all the wrong buttons, mostly on curriculum. I am having a grand time with the kids, but getting the curriculum across in a proper pace is killing me. I have no idea how much time to spend on certain topics and as a result I’m wasting time on stupid pointless things. I love my kids, but the curriculum is just killing me. This will be something that after a few years of teaching I will have a better grasp at, but that comes with time and I’m impatient.

Next off; GOT MY NIKON D90! And a few lenses to boot, plus my handy sb-400 flash and a truly awesome ML-L3 wireless trigger and the formidable p5100- its an awesome combo. No words can describe the killer potential of this setup.

Finally- I GOT INTO GRADUATE SCHOOL! I have been accepted into the Faculty of Educational Psychology for the Thesis based Masters in School Psychology Professional Stream (what a mouthful!), a program designed to get me into gear to being a full fledged school psychologist! I just got the letter of acceptance. Unbelievable. The fury and fight to get in was insane. WHEW!

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