>Ready for another week

>I am really excited about a few phones announced at MWC. The first is the HTC Touch Pro 2. It has a 480×800 WVGA resolution (and if you know me, you know I love high res screens, probably after being used to web surfing on the Nokia N800), a pull out qwerty board, and just an overall sexiness I cannot deny. I am certain that this will be on my list of things to replace my Blackberry Bold.

The one thing I am uncertain about is music management- I need something that provides as good of a UI as the one on the Bold. It essentially syncs with my iTunes playlists, something I breath/die for, and makes music navigation as easy as it is on my iPod. Which is lovely. I can have an iPod plus a high res screen.

The only thing that irks me is that they placed the dual speakers on the bottom.

Why? When the phone is on the table, it shoots into the table and muffles it. Just like all the terrible speaker placements on some of the laptops right now. Sigh. And the Blackberry Bold’s speakers are damn nice, so they better do some on par performance.

Next up is the Sony Ericsson Idou.

I am not a huge fan of SE, mostly because I think they aren’t innovative at all, just like Motorola. Seriously, everything they make is exactly the same with a color change. Its boring and everything looks like it belongs in a Fisher Price play set. But the Idou kind of draw my attention- 12 MP camera with Xenon flash (albeit it could be 12 MP of shitty pixels, as the Nokia N82 has shown in its ability to best previous Cybershot SE phones), and a nice UI that really does suggest a solid music management program. I can’t stress enough about how important UI is. Hardware specs are sweet, but one of the reasons why the iPhone and Palm Pre are so popular is the UI is easy and straightforward to use. Definitely interested in the Idou’s release. Plus a 640×480 screen is nice, albeit not as nice as the Touch Pro 2’s screen.

So my first few days as a student teacher have been great. Its been interesting to now be peers with my former teachers and to call them by their first names. For instance with my former biology teacher, I ran upto her –“OMG HELLO DIANE!” Haha.
There isn’t much right now in terms of planning. I have lots of time to teach chapters that took me literally 2 or less hours to read through. It will be interesting to implement them in a way that is engaging for the students, but given that I’m already familiar with their names, it should be a grand time this week learning the internal intricacies of each individual and making the lessons fun, relevant and personal. I am a firm believer with creating a distinct connection between student and curriculum and in doing so, creating a solid student-teacher bond. If students cannot see the relevance, why would they want to be in my class?

The other day Will and I went to the gym to workout. It was a solid day at the gym. I hit 87 reps with the 90lb dumbbells flat chest press, a new high for the Saturday workout. I am expecting to stay at 90lbs for the next three weeks and hope to complete at least 12 sets of 8 (96 reps) before moving onto 95lbs. My 6 foot bar press on the other hand was terrible this week, with failure reached within the second set. It was unbelievable. The previous week I had finished 7 sets of 8 and failed on the last set at the 7th rep. I was fully expecting to complete the 64 reps at 205lbs, but instead I failed at like set two at rep 4 or five. Really disappointing.

Happily though, I have been consistent with my post cardio workout, and its shown some great results. I still have flab though and that’s not likely to disappear until summer probably. That’s ok. Right now I am working on developing my v line and the lats. I’m seeing a greater, stronger chest and some decent improvement with the biceps. Today I am going to target the rear delts after my incline/decline press.

Lately, I’ve been following a blog on dannychoo.com. Its an interesting take on immersing yourself in another world. He’s stationed in Japan running some action figure company, and has these great “week in Japan” installments that show what hes been upto that week, like type of dinners, shopping…etc. It’s a fun filled 15 minutes of my life, where I get to imagine what it would be like to live in a foreign city that I so heartedly desire to stay at.

I have a super strong cup of coffee beside me, and I am in need of hitting some weights. Peace out.

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  1. Jia says:

    >I ❤ reading your blog – keep it up 🙂

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