>Family day

>Today I spent the better half with my family. Went to the mall and generally had a blast not buying anything(!) and shopping with a deliciously warm french vanilla coffee in hand. Do I ever love coffee! Its warm, it feels great sipping while I walk in the hustle and the taste just soothes me. I guess the caffeine kick is nice too, albeit I've now accustomed myself to its power and it doesn't really do much. Except if I have a Second Cup coffee. For some reason, over the course of two terms and the wonderful convenience of Starbucks brewed coffee in the Education cafeteria, I have developed an ability to have zero reaction to its blends both bold and light, save for having to pee a lot. Anyways, it was a relaxing late afternoon and I quite enjoyed it. I am also searching for more opportunities for delicious afternoons where I can just relax and let the world fly around me. With my coffee in hand of course.

We went for pho after the brief excursion in the mall, and it was rather disappointing to be honest. The carrot beef stew was filled with over cooked chewy beef stew and the carrots were sparse and few between scoops. Oh well, you just learn from it. Like never goto Pho Hoa again. Pagolac is so much better! I also discovered an unbelievable urge to eat massive amounts of Chinese bakery in T&T. There were these custard filled puffs that I am quite looking forward to this coming cheat day. Speaking of which, I have let my diet slide a little, in the notion that I am running daily…. But that's a poor excuse. I really should be practicing what I preach.

Oh and I saw the Transformers 2 trailer and I crapped myself. It looks awesome. I am excited, there's a lot of solid movies coming out this year! Wolverine's Gambit looks badass and Terminator Salvation looks so sick. Am impressed. Also need to sleep.

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