>I’m done.

>My last final at the University as an undergraduate was finished yesterday(this post was made last Thursday). How did I feel? Not really elated. It would probably be a lot huger if I finished with like astrophysics or something psycho in that sense. Instead I have finished the most exciting and best year of my life (hopefully its not downhill from here haha).

Looking back exactly a year ago, I was holding the worst burden of all time. Well my time. Subjected to the loss of a super close friend due to moving away, having my degrees at stake, being bottom rung of the class in astrophysics, health issues with family and having genetics and my 499 thesis was so much fun I will never forget it. Even breaking my hand last term was a funner experience than that. I had no idea where I was going or what would happen at the end of the tunnel. Lo and behold, a year later I'm enjoying the hell out of life and couldn't be happier. I've met a solid group of friends, I've reaffirmed my direction in life and I'm going to get my learners license to drive. Haha. I'm teaching with my old bio teacher in a subject area I'm fairly fluent in, and have had some seriously great role models.

To be honest, I'm afraid of the working life. The next nine weeks will throw me back into the loop and I will see again just what its like not to be able to just goto the gym whenever. It isn't much different than summer work, except that somebody is always looking down your shoulder (my mentor said he would say things that would make me cry!) and having to work on lesson planning the night before. That's ok. I'm sure that once I start getting into the groove of things I will start getting attached again, as I always do and soon enough will not want to leave.

I'm really excited for the coming summer. I'm being a little full of shit here, but summer is the time for the active lifestyle to bust out, and I can't wait to get those final pounds off and get a good tan. I'm excited. My lats feel bigger, my biceps feel like they will reach a new high, and my chest needs a bra or a bro according to Vicki. I'm feeling confident, pumped and ready to finish my university undergrad with a bang!

I also am living a life of regret, once again, for taking action too late. This time, its not a matter of timing (like messing up a Valentines invite with sarcasm) or geography (like um Virginia), its a matter of unbelievable geography (say um Asia). Good one Ellis. Actually this isn't a real matter of late timing since she is coming back, but it would have been nice to actually take an initiative at some point just for kicks (instead of her- "oh hey ellis what are you doing after class? Are you going for lunch?" Me-"I'm going to the gym! Peace!")

Honestly sometimes………

On Wednesday, Phil and I did chest press till failure (at the end). I managed (albeit sloppy at the end in form) 63 reps at 205lbs on the six foot bar, at 26 percent of my current body weight (back in September it was 130 pct as I was leaner). And on Saturday it was 72 reps with 90lb dumbbells. Quite satisfying indeed. I'm hoping to hit 100 lb dumbbells at 64 reps as well as 235 lbs 6 foot bar press (two plates each side) at 64reps by summer. I think its quite possible in the three months we have left before then.

Currently I am debating on the jump to the Canon 40D which is on sale at Futureshop with the notthebestbutkingoffun lens 17-85is. Except I thought I was a sworn Nikionian. The build quality isn't bad on the D90, its great, but a full magnesium build and weather sealed body sounds great. Both cameras are no slouches, and should be in separate categories of advanced amateur and semi-pro, but the 40d is clearing out and its replaced with a camera that is actually less impressive image quality wise. So the 40d sounds like a winner. Except its a Canon. Sigh. I also have a chance to land a sweet deal on a 17-40 L F4 lens. An L lens. OMG. How about that for a first lens? Mmmmmmmmm. Although I promised that my future purchases would be well thought out and not spontaneous based buys because of awesome deals, a 40d and L lens is almost too much for my fluttering heart to handle. Be still! Well not dead still.

I should sleep.

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