>Stupidity at its finest

>So I made a remark that I was proud of being an asshole. My belief was that at some point you must step up to the plate and be a jerk so you could maintain your convictions and integrity. I still believe that. Things that are truly important to your sane logical mind should be maintained within reason.

However I have somehow confused that with simply being an arrogant proud jerk. I have noticed that lately my attitude has evolved in a way I am not proud off. I have begun to use more profanity, more insults and less care towards the feelings of others. I have justified my aloof attitude to my intent on fortifying my backbone. I still believe that I want to develop my almost spineless nature to somebody who can hold their own in the professional world. However my direction has turned to one of which I can not continue. I want to be the same me, the person who was happy go lucky but with firmer stances on my beliefs. I do not want to be the careless crude natured man who scoffs at others because of a constant judging manner.

Truly I have much to work on, but I hope this is a good start.

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